How can I make Natural Time my spiritual path?


I’m answering this as though it is asked by a non-beginner, by someone who has been studying Natural Time some moons, and is already transfixed by the magic. They are believers in the historic power of the Maya, but are asking how to translate the ancient teachings to a modern way in faith, such as people practice Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. I have an answer for that from my own life.

I podcast and post every day as much in devotion to my own practice as to educate and edify others. You might need to choose something that is your own everyday interaction with the Mayan teachings. This is indeed a daily practice. Natural Time is inclusive. If you already have a prayer or meditation pursuit, it can be preserved.

I find following the Mayan cycles is about maintaining a living meditative state, because I am not limited to an hour seated in solitude in order to reflect on each day’s point of reverence. Synchronicity throughout my day – in whom I meet by chance, in what activity I have scheduled, in what I hear media announcing from the world stage – reminds me there is a divine order somehow – miraculously – threaded to the current Mayan archetypal energies.

In this way, Natural Time is not an isolated spiritual practice, but fully interactive with everyday life. It just makes normal undertakings – errands, hours on the job, parenting, chores, even challenging hassles – somehow religious.

Recording synchronicities through art and writing, in any form, supports your practice. Sharing your findings with others, even those green to Natural Time, can deepen your faith. I actually try to live without things tightly scheduled, freelance in as many ways as I can, so I may then embrace the day’s energetic focus to its greatest potential.

I don’t mean I try to manage or manipulate my life in favor of the Mayan totems. Usually I just leave space for my day’s destiny to arise and over the years my intuition has drawn me to many experiences that were indescribably perfect in aligning with the Natural Time resonances.

Lastly, I have never changed my life to become Mayan or part of the Natural Time movement. I just lived my practice and as my faith grew, I took on my own presentation of Mayan teachings and drew people and experiences to me to support my spiritual growth even further. I have my own opinions that it’s more relevant to live simply and have time and space for spiritual devotion than to spend money on flying across the world to learn from a teacher or gather in a selective Natural Time group. Take that insight or leave it – I am just advocating that this practice is etheric more than organized in humanity. It can find and fill you at any moment, anywhere you are.