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My current special rates

$150 for the first 1-hour reading then $75 per any follow up 1-hour reading for 3 months, up to twice a week.

How do you choose between a Mayan Astrology or Clairvoyant Reading? To be clear, I’m always using my psychic ability when I work, and I’m also factoring in astrological knowledge. I am happy to tilt in one direction or the other, based on your need, and if you don’t have a preference, we’ll just incorporate both.

Clairvoyant Readings

I have a decades’ long practice of being an empathic, intuitive seer. I offer a traditional Clairvoyant Reading to dispel your confusion or pain with psychic insight.

My business moniker ‘resonant truth’ comes from my practice of  showing the difference between your soul’s longing and the familial, societal pressures that can subvert it. We identify your truth in whatever situations that feel difficult, so you can move forward in authenticity. You are freed from self-deception and denial. You are empowered against other people’s misinterpretation of your choices and desires.

I offer support and strength when you are exhausted from interior and exterior demands that weigh hard on you. I offer light and clarity where things have grown dark and convoluted. I am fast-moving and catalyzing, so that every session is full of cathartic and instructive insight.

Mayan Astrology Readings

A Mayan Astrology Reading is designed to introduce or deepen your understanding of the rhythms of the Mayan calendar, very personal to your birth astrology. Each of us is born on a day within the 260-day Tzolkin count that reflects the essence of our incarnation, and we approach the world and our purpose within it from that energy.  I describe in detail the calendar cycles of your birth – the day and its mystical meanings, the ‘wavespell,’ moon and year surrounding it.

I can also look at other peoples’ birthdays and their essences, to show your relationship connections and where conflicts or deep harmonies might occur. Readings can show ancestral patterns, how you carry similar or dissonant energies with your family members – those before you, and your own children – and the weave connecting you.

Readings for painful or difficult passages will help you attune more personally to the rhythms we experience in Natural Time and how to embrace the flow of the wavespells with clarity, not confusion. I bring a whole history of clairvoyance, occult wisdom and my personal life journey to feel deeply into your pain and frustration.

Reading to Honor the Mayan End-of-Life Transit

The advent of our 52nd birthday means the completion of a great cycle in the Mayan tradition. It is the first instance since we were born when our birthday within the Gregorian calendar and our ‘Mayan birthday,’ or birthday within the Tzolkin calendar, intersect once more. It takes 52 years to revisit the exact energy field of our birth, and an ancient, indigenous culture would have considered 52 years a long, esteemed life span.

A reading in preparation for the 52-year transit is helpful! A reading while you’re in the countdown to turning 52 can explain the dynamic of both natural death and rebirth you’re cycling through. A reading that’s retrospective, recalling what happened at that time of your life, can show what you were called to slough off so you could step into a sort of afterlife while still on earth, in authenticity.

It’s also wonderful to give a Mayan astrology reading to someone in or approaching this transit so they can have insight into the vast reckoning it holds.

  • Lisa's reading of my Mayan birthday truly hit home in a way that no other astrology has. It's been such a pleasure to experience Lisa's passionate, articulate expression of what is clearly her true heart's calling...and an inspired service to us all.

    White Solar Wind
    White Solar Wind Los Angeles, CA
  • Lisa Star is a deeply empathic healer. She also has a great sense of humor, which for me goes a long way when dealing with deep emotional wounds through clairvoyance and energy work.

    White Cosmic Dog
    White Cosmic Dog Los Angeles, CA - USA