I have been a clairvoyant since 2000. I have felt in the last several years, as we have endured collectively so many political and cultural shifts, that I was at a loss for how to help people not just understand how they have come to experience suffering, but to release it and be set free. I also needed this for myself, and I was amazed to finally find a modality that worked effectively – miraculously – to address the negative feelings that have hampered me much of my life and more overwhelmingly in recent years.

This is Clairvoyant Healing: using intuition to see where heavy, dark energy gets stuck in our etheric bodies – also affecting our physical bodies, our thoughts and moods – and simply releasing it. You may have been haunted by acute or systemic trauma over your whole lifetime. You may have been trying to heal from it for decades, and seen improvement but not a complete eradication or restoration of your psychic health. But with the power of intuition, the origin point of your discomfort or wounding can be located, described and released.

I want to emphasize that this is a non-exploratory kind of work. It isn’t important to me – and maybe not to you either – the exact reason or situation that instilled this dark, weighty energy in your body. The objective is just to name it and clear it. I love that it’s less about revisiting the twists and turns of your journey, but marking a real end to aspects your suffering. Some hard parts of your story can be over.

Clairvoyant Healing can help with

  • depression & anxiety
  • low energy & exhaustion
  • alcoholic tendencies & addiction
  • eating disorders & negative body image
  • sexual violation trauma
  • alienation from society
  • family of origin challenges
  • grief over a break up
  • career apathy or perceived failure

Because it is intuitive, this healing practice can happen easily from a distance. I work on people using a phone call or recorded video to describe what has been stuck and is now released.

I also do Clairvoyant Healing on pets, children and anyone you care about who is willing to be a passive recipient. They don’t have to participate, just give their permission to be worked on from a distance. I have been amazed by the changes in my own animals, children whose parents have sought help, and my family members who have expressed willingness to be distance healed.

WS 1 Readings

Clairvoyant Healing will help you succeed in the areas of your life where you are meant to be dynamic. It will restore purpose and lighten your mood. You will feel empowered and at ease. Relationships with chronic tension will either be clarified to calm and open-heartedness or released. It really is a method for arriving closer to our truest selves, doing our most vital work, and opening our hearts without fear of another round of hurt and betrayal.

1/2 hour session – $50

90 minutes – $130