What is a wavespell?


Jose Arguelles invented the moniker of ‘wavespell.’ It’s a span of time quantified by 13 stages. A wavespell can be 13 days, 13 moons or 13 years. 13 was a sacred number to the Maya and an anchor of their mysticism. The whole Natural Time code of recurring numbers is oriented to 13 at its heart.

The Mayan number of 13 is not static, a couple of digits. It’s a description of movement which is shaped in a waveform. This is Arguellian magic, something he channeled as a vision. The Maya certainly saw 13 as sacred, so grand it portended great life change, but they didn’t use the language or imagery of physics. So we can consider the number 13 ancient and the description of it as a building and breaking waveform a modern innovation.

Because I’ve lived in coastal California my whole life, I envision the waveform to be an ocean wave, such as a child would draw or a surfer would ride.  The wavespell starts below the surface, in the darkness of deep ocean currents. It’s growing in ascent even before we can see the water rise above sea level. Then the wave is a watery mountain building higher and higher.

It crests, and then the power of its surging energy is met and overwhelmed by the force of gravity. The wave cannot climb closer to the sky and breaks. It shatters into whitewater. The surface of the ocean in all foam and foment. Then the water settles, calms, is glassy and flat. But you can sense, once more, that another underwater current is in the works, pushing up from the depths.

This is the description, too, of the energetic shifts of a wavespell. There are 13 stages named ‘tones’. We move through them day by day, moon by moon, in this organic crescendo. When you follow the Tzolkin, a 260-day cycle that is made of 20 wavespells (20 x 13 = 260), you are rolling with a wave set, and you will live the kind heightened drama nature presents so perfectly in its ocean.

Remember, there are 13 moon wavespells that comprise a year, and also 13 year wavespells where we can really track a monumental shift for ourselves and each other, a starting point in the dark unknown, a push towards the sun, a relinquishing of pressure to spill over and back to earth. You can follow the Natural Time calendar’s 13 year cycles, but also your own from birth. Invest in a Cosmology Chart and it will detail your life’s wavespell arcs.