How do I get started learning about Natural Time?


I can tell you what I did, and what I wish my work to support, in turn. Start one day a time. Get a calendar, or visit this website and listen and read each day’s offering. Read the original Arguelles descriptions of each day’s tribe and tone energy. I wrote down on my calendar every day a couple of the synchronicities, the ways that I saw a connection between events and the tribe/tone qualities. I did this for two years, and never read anything outside of a calendar’s sidebar notations.

I also learned about the calendar through other people, as I looked up everyone I knew via their birthday and discovered their Mayan tribe and tone. In my femininity, I am drawn to practicing spirituality through relationship; I see people who come into my life as teachers of things previously buried and unknown. So I paid attention to both good, old friends and family, as well as chance encounters, passersby, and learned everyone’s Mayan attributes. It brought the calendar to life and made it full dimensional theater instead of dry concepts on a written page.

Keep it simple, but keep it constant. The only way to really experience the magnitude of the magic of the Mayan code is to be disciplined and devoted. That’s how the Maya built their incomprehensibly magnificent pyramids – a still unsolved mystery since they did not have pack animals or wheels to move the monolithic stone blocks the temples are made from.

This path is designed for dedication and full faith, and patience and humility. One day at a time is a phrase that translates well for committing ourselves to the changing archetypes of Natural Time.