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Decode your Tzolkin birthday

Discover the shamanic energy of your birth in the lineage of the Mayan Tzolkin sacred calendar. Our place in the Tzolkin describes the spiritual purpose of our lifetime.


Your Mayan Astrology

Read in-depth descriptions of the Tzolkin calendar’s 20 sacred totems. Your birth on a day honoring one of these ‘tribes’ characterizes your life purpose and personality.


Affordable Intuitive Readings

I’m offering reduced rates over a 3-month period to help in these inflationary times


The Natural Time Podcast

Thrice-weekly episodes detail passages of the Mayan calendars: the 13 Moon year and the 260-day Tzolkin sacred count.

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The  Natural  Time  Calendars

Changing your calendar will change your life, and recharge it with humbling synchronicities and the kind of magic that music makes with its rhythms and harmonies. It will also give you strength, and courage, for challenges you may encounter.

It will teach you to trust the present moment as a richly enchanted spell of time, and it will feel like coming into truth, a resonant truth, to connect your mechanized life back to nature, your waking life back to the dreamtime, your daily life to eons backward and forward of communion with the sun, moon and stars.

Tzolkin Calendar 

The Maya were passionate about cycles, and created many calendars to follow movements on heaven and earth. The Tzolkin was their 260-day spiritual count, offering daily points of reverence for followers to focus upon.

260 days is congruent with our human gestation of nine months. It is also the length of time for the germination of corn – the food staple of the Maya – from seed to harvest. The Tzolkin celebrates creation.

The Tzolkin days honor the integral parts of creation, such totems as the sun, the moon, the water, the wind – as well as animals (serpent, dog, eagle) and consequential human roles (shaman, prophet, warrior). We can tune into these energies and find our modern lives infused with synchronicity connecting us to this Mayan creation mythology.

13 Moon Calendar 

The Natural Time year is starkly different from the Gregorian because it starts on July 26, the ancient Mayan new year’s day when Sirius – the most powerful night star – rose alongside the sun at dawn.

It also differs from our modern calendar in having 13 months of 28 days each, instead of the erratic 30 and 31 days we currently follow. 13 x 28 = 364 (+1 day between years, called ‘The Day Out of Time.’)

These 13 months are called ‘moons’ and honor indigenous time tracking. Across the globe and on every continent, pre-colonized cultures celebrated 13 moons in a year. Natural Time seeks to resurrect this more organic rhythm for a year’s passage – one spin of our earth on its orbit around the sun.