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Dedicate – Universalize – Cooperation

How can I dedicate myself to all that lives?

The Crystal moon is the twelfth of 13 in a 365-day solar cycle that begins July 26 with the rise of Sirius at dawn. In the first, Magnetic moon we discovered our purpose for the entirety of this 13 moon year. In the second, Lunar moon we identified the challenge within our purpose, the obstacle we have to integrate or overcome to reach our divine intent. In the third, Electric moon, we felt the presence of the god force fill the distance and discord between our purpose and challenge. In the fourth Self-Existing moon, we were shown specifically what form our service would take, the foundation for the temple this year represents. In the fifth, Overtone moon we were given the empowerment to move our vision upward, and in the sixth, Rhythmic moon, we developed a cadence to pace ourselves in our deep work of this year. In the seventh, Resonant moon we attuned ourselves to the divine world for a moment of inspiration and regeneration. In the eighth, Galactic moon, we integrated the Resonant channel we received with everything we had initiated in the first six moons of the year, creating harmony within and without.

After this intense preparatory work, we were ready in the ninth Solar moon to pulse our intention for this year’s manifestation of our purpose. The tenth Planetary moon was an instant response from the divine forces – our prayers answered and wishes granted in an identifiable way within our earth reality. The eleventh Spectral moon is a sort of reversal, when all that is manifested at the peak of the wave is allowed by the forces of nature to fall away into dissolution. The wave breaks. In the twelfth Crystal moon, we merely readjust ourselves to sea level, and remember the ride we just took through its heights and splashy finish.

The Crystal moon is really the conclusion to this grand wave spin. We still have a moon to go after this one – the Cosmic moon of presence – but that 28-day culmination is really like the glow we feel from the happy ending of an amazing dramatic arc, rather than the denouement itself. We have had over eleven moons the build up of suspense, a cast of characters for our own year-long adventure. There were crises of confidence along the way, the danger zones, the miscreant villains to haunt us further into the forest. At times we felt lost or betrayed by the gods that gave us the map of our hero’s journey. On the other hand, we stumbled into enchantment, fields of resonance where we could sense divine beings pulling at our puppet strings or washing our panic state with cool breezes. We found challenge, and we rose above it, through its demands of growth and increased fearlessness, integrity and strength. We found reward, too, in our new musculature for protagonism and our counterpart beloved that came as a person or creative enterprise representing all we have hoped to attain in this life passage.

Now the story finishes relatively quickly, loose ends tied in neat bows for the ritual celebration that ends most folktales: a reunion, a wedding, a screen kiss. The Crystal moon offers a chance of peacemaking, justice against the dark forces in their removal stage left or right, and some form of love conquering all, a gesture from the sky and earth gods blessing the beings who live in the landscape between. And we, audience to our own life experience, feel pleased, completed, hopeful as we watch it unfold into ease. Crystal, as a moniker for the moon, becomes the gemstone shimmer of our party atmosphere: all glints and sparkles, illuminated by bright light that burns away remnant darkness. Crystal clear, we are free of the struggles and obscuring clouds of other stages of our year’s growth.

In the physiology of a waveform, this storyline was curved upward, pushed towards the heavens by an underwater swell, until the tension point of upsurge broke under gravitational pressure. The water then became aerated, a cascading spray back to the ocean’s surface. In the churn we survived and now tread water while the foam stills back to sea green colors. This is the wavespell of our 13 Moon year: we rise until we ride, and at the pinnacle of this levitation into the cosmos, we fall back to earth with stories to tell of our near transcendence, our close escape of planetary reality.

The Crystal moon is not active, neither a rise now or fall. But it’s not passive, either, because our action is to settle, unstirring the foment or simply letting it spin to serenity. We have to calm ourselves, or let calm in, after the gesture of cataclysm that the Spectral moon brought, the wave breaking apart into dissolution. We can celebrate surviving that disorientation, the unclarity of being upside down or so deep within the wave tunnel that we could only see the world through a veil of water. Hopefully each of us careened into other falling angels and reached for their hand or heart center to provide warmth and connection when all around us was organic chaos. The breaking wave is nothing we choose or wish for, because always there is the chance of plummeting so fast or hard we get bruised, swallow water; but alongside the hard knocks of overwhelm is the unraveling of tension, the relief from constant, focused accomplishment. We were unleashed from our trajectory towards the stars, let to lie back down – a long rest after rushed breaths and a racing heart.

Now we tread water with a backward glance, the high-rise of our wave a vivid memory: the view from its peak, the stages that got us there, and the fantastical fall when we tumbled home to sea level. The Crystal moon metaphor is of storytelling the experience that has come and gone over a near-year. We are all journeyers who’ve circled back to the start of our quest, but are changed for the experience of being away and apart. Congregated once more, spun together by the ocean’s natural basin of collected streams and rivers, we mix into one body of water. Through osmosis, we teach each other what we’ve learned. We share the knowledge and discovery. We are asked merely to remember what we learned long enough now to make it useful, inspiring to others. And as we share, we receive others’ sharing: in the picture of whitewater coming back to calm, we are all words and emotion – passionate disclosure being the infusion of water with air, bubbles into foam.

In life the, the Crystal moon is about co-operation, not working in isolation – at all – only serving a collective whole. This is why we asked early on in the wave cycle what our service would be. We had our sights on reconvergence, on the communion of souls that would be the outcome of our individual adventuring, and we needed to know from our god(s) what we could bring to those of our community in need. Now, reconnected, we enter service actively, and dedicate ourselves to others. We are ready for this interdependence, not afraid of it, because in essence we have been alone and self-reliant for so much of our journey. It’s a time to celebrate, heal and rest, and we are joyful to find others who need us, others who let us likewise lean into them for reassurance and appreciation of our homecoming.

The Crystal moon is a time of universalization, when what was once our unique, individualized experience is made universal and available to all. As we congregate after many separate paths and private lessons, we learn that we are ultimately the same, simply because we have chosen the journey: the arc of the wave and the quest it holds for insight and growth. We went in separate directions, or moved in tandem with each other while individualized and apart, but our universal experience was to lift towards the sky against gravity’s tenacious resistance and try to fly. We return now to co-operation, working with each other in intimacy, in community, at the home center of our tribal collective. Look around and see who’s in your clan, who’s left standing around in a sacred circle after the long journey. These people, projects, comprise this year’s accomplished destiny. We have 28 days for them to surface, and to dedicate ourselves to the calming completion of our journey work. We have 28 days to offer the gifts of this year back to the gods who watched and whispered to us on our way.