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Time is art

Writings about personal interests and observations that have almost nothing to do with the New Age or the ancient Maya but are still imbued with Natural Time synchronicities.

I created this section of my website for basic, impromptu blogging: my experiences in Natural Time that don’t fit into daily or wavespell-oriented augury but want passionately to be expressed. ‘Time is Art’ is one of the original slogans of the Natural Time movement, as opposed to ‘Time is Money,’ or something linear, a calendar grid. I have been following the calendars long enough that I feel their fluidity much like following a creative process through its surges and stalled phases. I think endlessly about Natural Time, and sometimes I’ll sit to write in awe of how the synchronicities stack up.

Time is Art

For a while, I thought a lot about Jesus. It was seven years ago at Christmas that I decided to drop into a church service. I was inspired by meeting a Catholic man with whom I had so much in common, I was curious to know if we could be considered divergent based solely on […]