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The Maya chose 20 totems to venerate in their sacred calendar.  Our life purpose and persona are indicated by our birth in one of these ancient day signs.

I have written about the Natural Time cycles for 20 years. I save everything I write and sometimes it gets published in printed form. I’m currently writing a book on personal Mayan astrology and revisiting the descriptions of the 20 tribes. I found these earlier versions and decided to post them for public consumption.

I used to be a thickly mystical author. I was tripping out on intuitive insight and let my language be otherworldly because that was where I spent a lot of time. I’m still internally a high-intensity mystic, but I no longer produce anything like the densely lyrical, meandering and mythological reflections I used to unfurl about Natural Time. Yet they are so full of information,  you’ll learn everything you need to have a basic understanding of yourself, others, through this lens of the Tzolkin calendar.