What does this mean: ‘guided by its own power doubled’?


You can also read about this under the question ‘What is my ‘Guide?’ The days of the Tzolkin sit in the center of a medicine wheel and are surrounded by ‘powers’ – other tribes that assist and offer challenge or support in some way. Your birthday within the Tzolkin means that this medicine wheel affects you your whole life. You have a guide, an occult power, an analog power and an antipode power. You can read more about these in their individual FAQ inquiries.

Most kin days are guided by another tribe of the same color, as are those born within them. I was born Blue Overtone Storm and I am guided by Blue Hand, which is described as having the power of Accomplishment. Blue Storm has the power of Self-Generation, and will sometimes guide other Blue tribes.

Certain of the Tzolkin days, any with Magnetic, Rhythmic or Spectral tones, are not guided by another tribe, however. They are considered  ‘guided by its own power doubled’. This is intense! Not only are they self-guided, but the power they represent is amplified. Blue Spectral Monkey, Jose Arguelles’ birth energy, is guided by the power of Magic, doubled.

I would say people born in the self-guiding tones will demonstrate that. They’re independent, self-directed, not open to outside input. And they may seem sort of intense, or obtusely oriented to one big theme: Magic, Accomplishment, Self-Generation. It’s on loudspeaker.

The days that arise as Magnetic, Rhythmic and Spectral are times when we get to embody that, try it on for size. They can be intense days, and they can be effective in teaching us about the tribe, in triplicate: itself, led by itself doubled. It’s a crash and smash course in Tzolkin theology. Prepare yourself, then trust the process of self-direction.