Where can I get a calendar?


You can usually find the most well known Natural Time calendar – the 13 Moon Calendar by Eden Sky – at your local metaphysical bookstore as they have a national distributor. The Foundation for the Law of Time produces different calendars and almanac alternatives. My personal esoteric favorites are the 13 Moon Daybook from Japan and the 13 Moon Diary of Natural Time from the Netherlands.

In the future, Resonant Truth will be publishing eternal calendars. They do not ever grow old, because they are not oriented to the Gregorian calendar. I used to – as most still do – make calendars that cross-pollinated the twelve-month calendar we are all accustomed to with the initially very alien and confounding 13 Moon and Tzolkin sacred calendars. It’s almost impossible for a beginner to not have one leg in the Gregorian count while stepping forward into Natural Time.

This project was economically challenging because I had to sell everything ‘in time’ before the product was outdated. I don’t really like ecological waste, nor to be in a rush toward a deadline. So I now hope to publish two separate calendars that can be reused over every cycle: one for the 13 Moon year that includes correlating Gregorian dates; and one for the 260-day Tzolkin calendar, that does not.

Please support the movement by purchasing a printed calendar from someone. It is a gift to support any calendar creator and their art.