Yellow Sun Tribe

In Mayan: Ahau

Right thumb

Action: Enlighten     Power: Universal Fire     Essence: Life

 Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to White Dog

Analog (support and similar energy) to Blue Storm

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to Red Dragon

Guide to some in the Yellow Seed, Yellow Star, Yellow Human and Yellow Warrior tribes

Yellow Sun is one of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

Yellow Sun is shown in the Mayan glyph as a simple mask, wide-eyed with a pie hole mouth and a seam running down the center to show some stitching and perhaps the duality of existence. The human behind the mask would be the lord and king of the clan or tribe, the one bequeathed majesty and overseer of the populace. Of course we can find in this yellow seal a sort-of smiley face like children portray the sun in the sky, warming the day, and imagine that we are revering the sun itself, a deity, in this time. There are aspects of both, truly: the astral sun god, and the earthly ambassadors of solar power. And to that end, each of us is both, as shown in that strong central dividing line. We are a human revering the sun, and we are rays of sunlight. Yellow Sun is the awakening that a lifetime is just a shell, a costume, a cloaking of divine light. Our essence is as bright as the sunbeams radiating earth each morning, and as eternal. We shine from behind the veil of an incarnation, our physical form simplistic compared to the spectral sheen of our ageless soul.

If Yellow Sun sounds poetic, or prophetic, it’s because it exists as the ultimate destination of the arc through the 20 day signs of the Tzolkin. As the 20th tribe, Yellow Sun is the end, and the renewal for another beginning. We begin at the birth of Red Dragon, and journey days and days in different aspects of consciousness until we arrive at the full expression of life in Yellow Sun.  So life doesn’t begin at birth, but at the point of conception when a soul is sparked into cellular form. The time in the womb is comparatively dark, muddied by nourishing fluids. The journey of a lifetime is out of this protective darkness into the full enlightenment of rejoining the sun. Perhaps this is why death is described as brilliant with white light.

We travel to and through Yellow Sun every 20 days, a metaphor for the heroic journey into clarity and direct connection to source. We can’t stay in the direct sunlight for more than a day cycle, before the intensity of light and heat begins to burn. Then the dark womb of Red Dragon is soothing, replenishing, vitally liquid. When we outgrow it, we are sent down the birth canal towards light, and the path of ascension towards the sun regenerates all over again. This is the creation story of the Maya, and the sacred walk of the Tzolkin count. When we come to a 13-day wavespell in Yellow Sun energy, there is an exponential depth of experience. We are purified, brightened, burned of waste and toxicity, alight on new ideas and influences, and feel clarified by solar flares of enlightenment. The endurance is only in being revealed without shadows, shame. Our brilliance matches the sun’s direct beams; our power imitates its force of warmth and ever-presence.

People born on Yellow Sun days hold this raw, vital energy. They are charged with connection to the sun, an infusion of divine impulse as well as vivid light. They can’t be hidden, and if you try to push them into darkness the hiding place you’ve chosen will rather go up in flames. Yellow Sun people are ambassadors of light, designed to illuminate the shadows that others fear, sent ahead often to burn out the residue of something distasteful, casting instead a de-lightful glow. They lead, like a beacon, and are brilliant. They are the center of the universe, and also depended on for others’ sustenance: somehow this near-arrogant autonomy is balanced by the role of being in service to others’ real needs for warmth and insight. Sometimes Yellow Sun people stand alone, afire with toxic energy they can sense in their environment – purifying it for the rest of us to be at peace in. But they are always beautiful, shiny, streaming with radiance. It’s simply not possible for a Yellow Sun to be a wallflower, only to help those shy blooms stretch farther up the vine.

Referring back to the Maya origins of Yellow Sun, those born in its energy represent the lord and ruler of a kingdom. They wear the sacred mask aligning them with the sun god, and are revered on earth as near-deity. They preside of the ceremonies, witnessing the shaman’s active role in ritual, and make proclamations of the outcome – that the heavens have opened to the people, that all will be well because of the personal sacrifices made towards the collective. Yellow Sun people can feel destined by inheritance towards leadership, can see the strands of their ancestry aligning in them for a lifetime of strength and mastery. They can choose, hopefully, benevolent – smiley-face – overlording, rather than burning people up or out.

Yellow Sun as a birthright is an invitation to rise each day and affect growth, nurture with warmth, blaze away clouds of confusion, and allow your alternating intimacy and distance to others create seasonal change. Yellow Sun is so powerful that moving away from people and letting darkness or cool return is part of the gift of your being. You arrive to dispel immobility, melt iciness and dry out tears. Your radiance is illumination until it’s overbearing, at which time there’s another heart to warm, someone else’s melancholic downturn that you help to arise in joy. Keep moving, let them miss you a bit so that your renewed dawn invites their honor, gratitude and reverence.

Yellow Sun’s action – its direction in life – is to enlighten. The truth of astral physics is that the sun shines the brightest light in our universe and without it we would live day as night with only the pinpricks of stars to guide us. The solar source keeps us blessed from eternal darkness, a deep spiritual proclamation. Yellow Sun carries this analogy as a teaching: let this time, and your Yellow Sun nature, be the beam that penetrates the unknown, or illuminates your way when you feel lost – is a hallmark for being at home under its influence no matter where you journey, how far into the pitch black you peer to find hidden gems and forgotten parts. Yellow Sun people teach others how to choose the light, how to be seen instead of hardly visible. If they blind us at all, its with astral clarity, cosmic wonder, asking us to ignore banality or passing interests in favor of one message, one inspiration, a full color spectrum of divine guidance that the sun offers us.



Yellow Sun’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is universal fire. No other day sign sings of the element fire, praises its transformation of earth to air, and the evaporation, too, of water. Yellow Sun is a transmuting agent of alchemy: it melts metal, fuses minerals, disappears oceans, bakes earth. Yellow Sun people have this power of shapeshifting – applying their potency not to personal change, but the rapid – or slow burn – alteration of others. They influence others to alchemically redefine themselves. If you were once too fluid, unformed, Yellow Sun will make you arid and synched with Spirit. If you were blocked, hardened with frozen tension, the warmth will soothe you to lay down and become passive. The fire is universal, meant for everyone, and Yellow Sun doesn’t choose special recipients for its gift; rather, it touches down, radiates change, and moves along to the next neediness, staying bright and burning off the poisonous emissions in its midst.

Yellow Sun has the essence of life. Life is all that has been described: being too cold to relax, then warmed to ecstasy; being in the flow, or asked to rise above it for a while in meditation with the spirit world. Life is touching another with your heat so they are soothed, or moving back a distance when they cite your fiery nature as the thing burning them by degrees. Life is being sunshiney, a happy face, and life is the lack of direct connection to source – the emotions trapped in cloud density and drippy with tears. When we feel into the Yellow Sun nature, we see its influence and inspiration everywhere. We feel even its solidity – for what it lacks in earthen mass it revives in the constancy of daily return. Yellow Sun is always there, busily burning or merely brilliant, and Yellow Sun people are as vital, unstoppable and eternal. Yellow Sun people lead us back to the truth of our aliveness, especially when we feel deadened, downtrodden into the layers of dark earth existence.

Yellow Sun is antipodal, opposite, to White Dog. Yellow Sun is a non-animal entity, ether and filaments of light. White Dog is a cellular mammal, all instinct an open heart. One is enlightenment, other the base instinct to always love. White Dog offers dedication, devotion and loyalty, and Yellow Sun receives and blesses it. White Dog is warm-blooded, sometimes in heat, and generates its emotional empathy from the Yellow Sun source. Yellow Sun considers the mammals special emissaries of solar power because they are not cold, reptilian, clinical in their life stance. The antipodes work together to bring sunny warmth to the terrestrial world. White Dog, like an army of angels, moves through the land with warm love. Yellow Sun can burn us but White Dog just softens and soothes. You can see the dogs in the sun, battery powered on beams, soaking up the life force and then nuzzling us under the table legs at dinner so we, too, can feel residue of the day’s kind warmth.

Yellow Sun is analogous, supported by Blue Storm. Blue Storm is the strongest prevailing force against confusion – cloud cover – and its dispersal. Blue Storm is the transition from blank whiteness, overcast that leaves a dull gray glaze over life’s Technicolor, back to brilliant glowing sunshine. Blue Storm sacrifices itself for the sake of Yellow Sun; it churns all its collected molecules into an emotive explosion of rage, an outpouring of tears, and then it’s gone. It’s the bad cop, and Yellow Sun is revealed just after in angel light to soothe and warm. Yellow Sun needs Blue Storm in order to be seen when other forces obscure it. Blue Storm needs Yellow Sun to help it slow its emotionality, to dry tears and slow the turgid outrage. Blue Storm and Yellow Sun take turns leading the world’s moods from chaotic and charged to sweet, passionate. When sweet turns to sweat, the rain soothes. When dark introspection becomes suicidal, the sun enlightens and offers solace.

Yellow Sun has a mystical, occult relationship to Red Dragon. They work together so beautifully to create the mystery of an incarnation on earth. Yellow Sun sparks life – the conception moment between parents, or the seed’s descent into soil. It’s the divine-origin idea to come into existence. Red Dragon is the vessel of emergence – the womb, the seed-hole, the deep ocean, the egg – and comparatively dark, damp, empty. Yellow Sun then beckons outward and upward movement, evaporation and liberation from hiding, shelter. Invariably we duck in and out of each paradigm, into the maternal vessel, out into the paternal ethers. Sun god, earth goddess. An arc of astral travel, a lap for resting and regeneration.

If you are guided Yellow Sun, you are led by light, called to it, revere it. You shy away from fixed ideas that ended up obscuring its innate ability to offer enlightenment. You need daytime, lots of it, and equatorial climates – or you find it in the fake sun medium of a digital age: those screens of iridescent light. Yellow Sun pulls you back to the big picture of existence, that there is one source of all life, and then the interplay of other forces. First, the god world, then a cast of lower creatures. You like the heights, the dependency of solar power, and find substitutes – the man-made plan to be a superstar – a little less convincing. Yellow Sun calls your consciousness higher.

Yellow Sun people:

Mother Teresa – Yellow Magnetic Sun

Van Morrison – Yellow Lunar Sun

Billie Joe Armstrong – Yellow Electric Sun

Abraham Lincoln – Yellow Self-Existing Sun

Gustav Mahler – Yellow Overtone Sun

John Malkovich – Yellow Rhythmic Sun

Ringo Starr – Yellow Resonant Sun (portal)

Prince – Yellow Galactic Sun

Rumi – Yellow Solar Sun

Anne Frank – Yellow Planetary Sun

Friedrich Nietzsche – Yellow Spectral Sun

Jay Leno – Yellow Crystal Sun

Albert Einstein – Yellow Cosmic Sun (portal)