Yellow Human Tribe

In Mayan: Eb

Right ring toe

Action: Influence     Power: Free Will      Essence: Wisdom

Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to White Wind

Analog (support and similar energy) to Blue Hand

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to Red Moon

Guide to some in the Yellow Seed, Yellow Star, Yellow Warrior and Yellow Sun tribes

Yellow Human is one of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

Yellow Human is shown on the Mayan glyph as dazed, possibly in trance. The flatline mouth seems to indicate neither pleasure nor pain. Four of the senses are represented by the head and its orifices: sight, smell, taste and hearing. The curved swathe that indicates the ear cone of listening is also a portal for intuition, similarly seen in Blue Night and Blue Monkey– other glyphs of dreaming and magic. Yellow Human is then shown as receptive to spirit message, blankly infused by divine directives. Our outward sight is not keen or penetrating, as we are drawn into an unseen world that’s either mental – a stream of thoughts – or metaphysical, replete with inner visions.

Yellow Human’s place in the array of Mayan archetypes is already a deep teaching. We as a species do not exist outside the 20 Tribes, overseers or corporate management. We are deep in the mix of creation, standing aside both other animal life – serpent, dog, monkey and eagle – as well as the cosmos – moon, star, sun – and the most critical natural elements – air, earth, rain. We are neither above or below the landscape of existence, are one integral part without being – as it has seemed recently – the most aggrandized and dominant. Our place alongside the seed as well as the corn it harvests, the house and the dream it holds, means to both honor and humble the human condition. We are important in the evolution between instinctual serpent and eagle in flight, but we are not the end point of ascension. We are not, in actual physiology, able to wing ourselves to the sun – the true culmination of the Mayan day count.

Yellow Human as it lives in the Tzolkin count is then a reckoning for each of us human beings to reacquaint ourselves with our true purpose within the planetary – and astral – panorama. We may not believe in the flimsy assertion some humans hold that we are the most important life form on earth – created by god in his image, and as likely to create the mayhem of floods, droughts and scurges. We may scientifically understand ourselves as evolved beyond the primate, our distant ancestor, and see the human brain as more masterful in computation, holding memory and future planning according to past error. This sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom that operates so much from present-moment instinctual survival. For many centuries now, these aspects of intelligence and free will have seemed like evolutionary improvements – but the Yellow Human experience invariably shows the possibility of it being more of an overindulgence of environmental control, leading to soul decay and the loss of life force.

When we enter the Yellow Human time, the key sensation is of being out of control, actually. We have this array of other wavespells – other Tzolkin birthrights – to experience ourselves as elemental birth (Red Dragon) or death (White Worldbridger). We can fly as Blue Eagle or fantastically be set aflame beyond the atmosphere as Yellow Star. We can love devotedly as White Dog or fearlessly defend ourselves in battle as Yellow Warrior. When we land as humans – upright, slow moving, skin and bones and vulnerable but for the weapons we fashion – we don’t get to be in charge of so much after all. Compared to the other constellations, we have one simplistic function – to be influenced by all that we see and hear around us. We may think of ourselves as influential – we can build a skyscraper and fill it with computer gear, we can build a giant metal space ship and catapult it to the moon – but all we do in these gestures is imitate that which already exists untouched by our busy hands: a mountain, a shooting star, and in the case of the digital media age – a flickering series of dream images.

Yellow Human in the Mayan scope is not a celebration of our power and leadership, but of our receptivity to the myriad of influences around us. We take in the food raised through harvest, the sunlight and star glow, hear the sound of water streaming and also what Creator would whisper as our next benevolent move. We maintain a straight face, dulled from vivid joy or acute pain, as we are in truth receptacles for divine forces as well as the moods of nature. We respond to weather changes, and our fate. We bare it, enacting change only as is our destiny. Our so-called free will is really just about riding the wave that rises beneath us.

Where we are blessed is in the simplicity of our life purpose: all we need to do is to stay open. We have this giant inner ear, triple the size on the glyph as the Blue Monkey’s, or even the portal that leads us into the Dreamtime of Blue Night. Our specialized evolutionary achievement is vast listening and synthesizing of intuitive knowledge. We can take the spirit message poured into us and turn it into our next earth walk, a direct embodiment of sacred transmission. We need not, with our fat brains and lithe bodies, do more than serve the rest of creation with our attunement to divine will.

Yellow Human people are a mixed bag, for sure. The base Yellow Human experience is to be a bit vacuous, that wide ear canal taking in too much localized static to really connect to spirit. This is a reflection, then, of humanity – where many tune their blank gaze on the television or computer monitor, forgetting the light setting those screens aglow originates with the sun itself. The Yellow Human living more closely to the Mayan prototype of this Tribe is imbued with spiritual connection, is living in the resonance of constant meditation, vibrating with heavenly counsel. When we are born as Yellow Human, or journey in consciousness through its wavespell, we are at a choice point for how we want to embody our humanity. What distracts us from a pure channel to Creator might fall heavily away – and we feel the crash reverberate: our broken inauthentic self.

To be Yellow Human is not an easy incarnation, as it demands an existence of dedicated service. We are listening to god’s will, and carrying it forth through our mental acuity into a world that is wild, dominated by forces of nature. We are not a grand force of nature – that is simply a lie. We have to undo that fabricated egoism every pass through Yellow Human, and for Yellow Human people, the awakening is constant that this human condition of power, domination is entirely illusory. Yet we are surrounded by that fallacy, and have to spend our own life force righting the wrong turn our civilization has taken. Yellow Human has the burden of resurrecting true human nature: we are here to protect and serve using our wisdom as it comes through us from god. It’s easy to see why the finest human specimens – the gandhis, buddhas, gurus – seem to have a glow around them, a full-bodied halo. In this illumination, this distinct enlightenment, they are themselves sunbursts, are Yellow. Yellow Human people – and all of us in a human incarnation by extension – can come home to the truth of their archetypal role. We are children of god, and that god is pure light.

Yellow Human’s action – its direction in life – is to influence, but this is a refraction of being deeply influenced ourselves. We receive divine influence, then pass it through the tools we create and the hands that hold them, to make an effect on the outer world. ‘Influence’ is simply to let fluidity in, to feel a flow pass through us and inform our next move. Yellow Human receives a stream from divine origin, and directs it outward to the surrounding environment: animal, vegetable and mineral. Hopefully, we can recognize that the divine lives also within each of these entities, and allow the influence of the other species and elements to inform our experience on earth.

Yellow Human’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is free will. Free will is often perceived as the right to do whatever the hell we want, the choice to act selfishly, freedom that impedes the autonomy of others. This is the ill nature of our current human civilization: our evolved ability to make choices based on memories of past mistakes means that we use our will to avoid any discomfort that would replicate previous pain – and often dish it out to others in our stead. Free will in Natural Time is the free flow of divine will, a connection to a life stream that is our fate or destiny. Our free choice is to connect our empowerment to a divine source, rather than act alone, or for our own sole survival. Free will means that beyond instinctual self-defense and reactivity we can remember the higher consciousness of both the heavens and the soul essence within us. Our distinguishing hallmark, as Yellow Human, is to use the past to plan the future – but the goal needs to include an expansive, peaceful presence, and for more than only ourselves.

Yellow Human has the essence of wisdom. A kingdom is for kings, and wisdom for the wise ones. We are the home and heart of deep knowing – those ear cones in the glyph demonstrating a way to collect inspiration until it wells in our brain and spills over into our bloodstream. Then we move fluidly through the world acting from divinity. Being smart is something else – sharpened seeing and sensing, quick responses and extroversion. Wisdom has a slower pace, lulls like a trance we see in the glyph, too, in Yellow Human’s glazed stare. Wisdom is culled from past experience, including past lives, so that we carry in our being the ancestral bloodline of ancient learning, and other ways we have incarnated – even outside of human form. Our Yellow Human intelligence is in our ability to access these earlier destinies and synthesize them with present, ‘real’ time. Again, it’s our receptivity to spirit messages recalling these other fates, showing us the strength of them at our back, that makes us more than superficial shells, makes us full with knowledge.

Yellow Human is antipodal, opposite, to White Wind, and this is the most crucial relationship for us to behold as a species: if we embrace our antipode, the place of air, spirit, an unseen influence that is undeniably protective, fierce and eternal – if we communicate with our breath to this ether world – we are strong, integrated human beings. If we instead don’t believe in a realm beyond the everyday experience of cellular reality, and somehow place ourselves as the god on earth – maintaining an illusion of control – then we are imbalanced, polarized to an egoic extreme. Yellow Human and White Wind need each other, create a perfect symmetry in tandem. White Wind asks the Yellow Human to serve divine will by enacting the spirit message offered. Yellow Human leans into White Wind for direction, inhalation, and vertical strength.

Yellow Human is analogous, supported by Blue Hand. We need our hands to create the means for our own survival – because we are otherwise weak and without the physiology of self-defense: sharp teeth and claws. We fashion tools that wall out the predatory wild, or weapons to secure food and take down attacker. But beyond the support of self-preservation, our hands, as humans, let us be the healers and work in delicacy, the softest touch. Yellow Human is supported in its divine influence by not having to walk on all fours, but having these heart extensions that provide outreach and physical care. Blue Hand uses the Yellow Human’s capacity for giant insight and intuition to make the right tools for a simple but successful – empowered – life. That inner wisdom accompanies the healing hand, forging a mind-body and hand-eye connection that can mend many broken parts.

Yellow Human has a mystical, occult relationship to Red Moon. Since we as humans influence, and are influenced, we are already within that word fluid in nature. The Red Moon offers this water flow of emotional change, of constant movement through lungs, bloodstream and lymph. Red Moon pulls at our wet state, makes us tidal, and is the emblem of procreation in women – for all new life. Red Moon likewise shows the mark of small death in a menstrual bleed, wedding us to the largest flow of all through the fate of living and dying. Yellow Human in turn is a vessel for Red Moon’s flow, damming it into density, containing it momentarily in an eddy before it runs on. For Red Moon people, Yellow Human is a chance to be beyond elemental, to be embodied in animal form, to be a little less pure and free. Sometimes this normalcy is a soothing balm, before the reconstitution into pure nature, wildly unbound or resigned to the downhill rush to the sea.

If you are guided Yellow Human, you are motivated by free will: not to subvert others, not even the soil of our earth’s surface or the natural flow of the waterways – but by the inspiration of divine will moving freely through your being. You are drawn to life expressions that liberate many, and are likewise attracted to the trance state of wonder – of transcendence as you inner guidance is fused to the flow of all creation.

Yellow Human people:

Mike Judge – Yellow Magnetic Human

Jane Fonda – Yellow Lunar Human

Benedict Cumberbatch – Yellow Electric Human

Michelangelo – Yellow Self-Existing Human

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Yellow Overtone Human

Alice Walker – Yellow Rhythmic Human

Sylvia Plath – Yellow Resonant Human (portal)

Jesse Owens  – Yellow Galactic Human (portal)

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Yellow Solar Human (portal)

Mahatma Gandhi – Yellow Planetary Human (portal)

Antoine de St. Exupery – Yellow Spectral Human

Leonard Nimoy – Yellow Crystal Human

Christian Bale – Yellow Cosmic Human