White Worldbridger Tribe

In Mayan: Cimi

Right index toe

Action: Equalize     Power: Death             Essence: Opportunity

Opposite to Yellow Warrior

Support to Red Skywalker

Occult Partner to Blue Eagle

Guide to some in the White Wind, White Dog, White Wizard and White Mirror tribes

White Worldbridger is one of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

White Worldbridger is shown on the glyph as a yin-yang split between life – and the afterlife. The original Mayan day name is ‘death skull’. We see the close-eyed demise of a human face, maybe the cranial bones and cavities left behind. A line runs down the center and within it is an eyelet, a portal through to death – perhaps that beam of light described as the passage between earth and ether existences. On the other side, there is only space: emptiness or a liberated expanse, depending on your fear level of entering it. White Worldbridger celebrates the act of dying, of leaving the temporal world for the eternal one. It teaches us, while alive and well, to expose ourselves to any fears we have death, of apparent endings. It asks us to bridge our experience here on earth with heaven – now – in anticipation of an eventual death, as well as to honor that the open space of the afterlife is in our every inhalation, in the small separation between us and those we love. We can bring that world of peace and divinity to our lives, letting toxin and obstruction die away from our bodies to make room for infinite life force. A White Worldbridger lives in both elements, life and death, recognizing the renewal of cycling between.

White Worldbridger is a strong antidote to the current preoccupation with extending human lifespan. The Maya strongly associated dying with rising to the great god in a higher plane of consciousness. The demand on a human body in that culture was great – a constant state of self-reliance for food, water sources, survival through procreation, as well as serving the ruling lord. The relief of rising out of the corporal existence into an etheric realm was palpable, prayed for. Death, then, was a celebration: if a loved one died, they were assured more freedom and ease, as well as being an anchor in the afterlife for the rest of the family’s passage.

In our modern society, we are less sure life is better after we leave earth. We seem to have an inherent understanding of balance, and believe that because we have – in the First World – made our daily lives increasingly easy and lavish, more heavenly, there is darkness in the after-world, and denial of luxury. We have an inner compass, too, of justice, and the recognition that we have taken the resources of undeveloped countries in order to overdevelop our own, and so in dying we will have to accept a karmic trade and do without, suffer as we have in denial and ignorance let others suffer. We vaguely view dying as a descent to hell, whether or not we can name that perception with such a Christian bent, because it represents an uncontrolled environment, an unknown that undermines our ability to plan, project into the future. This fear of dying as painful, an isolation chamber, is really a projection of our living hell, the shadows we seek to skirt with a constant pulse of electric light so reflective of our digital age. We are afraid to die and give up this material amassing, these things we claim to own, people we lean into for love. It’s not bad, this global hang up, not a sin. It’s just paralyzing, a state of inner confusion and fear. So the White Worldbridger is an invitation to break this perception forever and reintroduce death as necessary, graceful and liberating.

The Natural Time calendars – the 13 Moon count and the Tzolkin – mean to remember nature, around us and in us. We have lived through an artificial calendar – a jumble of numbers that somehow sort out a year cycle – for millennia. By synchronizing with the lunar phases within a woman’s menstruation, or with the duration of gestation in the womb, we reclaim our human identity as a natural phenomenon, organ-based and therefore organic. Death is such an obvious part of other ‘natural’ processes: plants grow to bloom or harvest, then decompose to dirt which feeds the next growth cycle; tides pull the water from a shoreline and make obvious scarcity, then roll the sea back again for a wash of resurrection; a woman loses a potential child in her red moon bleed, but within a wavespell is ovulating again, offering another store of life force to be inseminated.

So death is familiar, close to us, if we acknowledge it. We are part of the earth’s contemplation of letting a demise occur to make space for new birth. All we need in White Worldbridger time, and from White Worldbridger people, is to let the necessary deaths make room for another surge of life. We need also to feel, as the Maya did, the likelihood that dying is a direct channel to a heavenly realm, and that White Worldbridger is a means to access that afterlife peace and calm – available to us now as we have faith in it. White Worldbridger people can teach us about that other place, take us there. They stand in the space of crossing over, are the tunnel of light that is described in near death experiences.

To be born White Worldbridger is really not to have a very strong attachment to earth, or at least to the surface tension of its human culture. A bridge is all about foundational footing, and so White Worldbridger people dig deep into the natural element of this planet – the mountains, forests, sea, view of stars – but are less invested in the drama of civilization. They have to look past it, anchored to earth’s core but visioning the path towards an etheric world of ancestors, angels and spirit guides, and a great godly element overseeing it all. White Worldbridger has as strong a footprint in the heavens, and they can be stretched to raw sensitivity between there – and here.

White Worldbridger people keep their eyes closed to a lot of the goings on earth – playing dead. This can look like denial, but it’s just an allocation of their resources towards this great arc of changeover they have to hold. They also need a lot of space as shown on the glyph; full half of their existence is for contemplation – even visitation – of an indescribable infinity. They can seem vacuous, unaccomplished, but are just driven towards holy exaltation that is without form or content. In some ways, they are the carrier angels for souls lost and needing direction from above. It may not be a literal death that the White Worldbridger shepherds as much as practice runs of helping others through endings of relationships and jobs, or distinct life passages such as childbirth or marriage (different deaths of individuation). Paradoxically, White Worldbridger people don’t like to play by rules that stifle life force – but they also know how to be bipartisan, stand in the middle of conflict, and be the bridge towards healing. So there’s a rebellious streak in White Worldbridger – an informed emanation that this is not all there is – as well as the know-how of conflict resolution. After all, we may all seem unique and different, but in truth, death collects us all equally.

White Worldbridger’s action – its direction in life – is to equalize. As noted, humans are uniformly subject to dying. Affluence and First World amenities certainly ease life into longer duration than abject poverty and disease, but in the end – The End. When we enter White Worldbridger time or identify our White Worldbridger nature, we can notice that this fundamental commonality matters. We don’t feel superior to others, or lesser – we feel the similarity of our karmic earth dance that takes us undeniably towards death. We are equalized, too, by being eternal, being souls within temporal bodies. We trade roles – hero, villain – in each other’s lives, and in our own string of incarnations, but beyond identification with a personality or family of origin is a shared eternity of one soul or one divine luminescence. In death, we seem recollected by white light and dissolved into its glow, equal to each other as well as ultimately to source.

White Worldbridgers power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is death. There are other words to parallel this potent image: dissolution, divorce, disembodiment, decomposition. The time and tribe of White Worldbridger is for allowing the necessary deaths occur, and even if that sounds like pain and suffering, the teaching is the opposite experience. Suffering is in the resistance to natural death, the attempts to outrun it. Pain is a slow decline towards death, but the passage out of conscious earth existence is in itself a peaceful exhalation. Envision that gift from White Worldbridger: not a long delay in the mire of more calamity, but the experience – now – of last rites and release from what has already been hurting. Death is a return to light, so if you are in discomfort, see it lessen – lighten. If you are burdened, again feel death as a means for the weight to rise – be lighter. Experience the endings around you as a means to ascend heavenward, a metaphor for liberation, not loss.

White Worldbridger has the essence of opportunity. This is like good fortune, and the Maya would have upheld that to be chosen for human sacrifice, killed as an offering to god, was a supreme honor and blessing. Shortening life in the morass of mankind was a gift, even in the butchery of their death ritual. So when we are given closed doors, perceived endings, a solid turning in our hands to dust, we can celebrate that within that heartache we will find a new emblem of god’s encouragement. We will find a redirection toward something more golden. It’s not an easy learning curve. To embrace death’s transition and trust that it will bring new growth forces us again to align with nature instead of ego. Every autumn the leave die off a tree and all is dormant. But every spring there are buds and blooms and then in summer full fruit before fall’s return to decay. The seasons go round, the birds and bees go round, and we are the same – equalized and given the opportunity to embrace change as positive – and inevitable. Death is not the end, but an entrance into an endless circle of release and renewal.

White Worldbridger is antipodal, opposite, to Yellow Warrior. It makes sense that a warrior would sit on the other side of death, closer than most humans to its clutches, yet more vigilant than others, too, to avoid it. A warrior is clearly on a path that delineates life from death – whether it’s in open battle or on the metaphysical journey to live according to nature’s cycles that are always in touch with the simple tension between living and dying. White Worldbridger is strengthened by Yellow Warrior’s fearlessness: death is easier and more opportune without resistant struggle against it. Yellow Warrior does well to befriend death, can be more potent and in service when the chance of crossing over doesn’t haunt them as worse than the struggle of combat. In truth, White Worldbridger is a liberation to anyone truly at war – the picture of hell on earth. In everyday consideration, a Yellow Warrior can benefit from White Worldbridger’s spaciousness, their access to a world without warfare, to rest in peace.

White Worldbridger is analogous, supported by Red Skywalker. White Worldbridger is the moment of death, crossing over, and an emblem of the finality of the corporal life as well as the eternity of soul existence. A Red Skywalker crosses this portal in a day’s journey, home again in time for dinner. The knowledge that another world exists besides this oxygenated one is integral to Red Skywalker’s daring. Their willingness to experiment in other consciousness is based on watching the rites of death, and trying, actually, to access the afterlife while still embodied here. A shamanic death, where an initiate is pushed into their fear thresholds, or transcended in an altered state that reveals heavenly bodies, is part of Red Skywalker ritual. Red Skywalker in turn makes death less terrifying, is an exploration of the cosmic peace of an outer world, a preview of our aftermath that shows nothing to resist or fear.

White Worldbridger has a mystical, occult relationship to Blue Eagle. The eagle is a bridge itself, between earth and sky. It pushes higher than any other creature towards the stars, but always comes back to a nest that’s either directly earthen – a cliff crevasse – or threaded to dirt through a tree’s limbs and deep roots. So Blue Eagle knows the back and forth as well as the White Worldbridger. The death of limitations for a bird is that it can fly – a miracle, and somehow connected to angel wings – and the burden, too, of a high flyer like Blue Eagle is all that solitude, isolation against the backdrop of blue sky. It helps to know that within that expanse is an energetic bridge between elements of life and afterwards, that Blue Eagle might be spiraling around the channel of light when it spins for hours in the highest limits of our atmosphere. Maybe a Blue Eagle feels less alone knowing that souls are passing in and out of earthen reality. Maybe White Worldbridger feels Blue Eagle as an angel, a fluttering ambassador for the transit it offers.

If you are guided White Worldbridger, you are attracted to change, passages between soul expression and deep earthiness. You are whispered away from the culture’s demands, everyday hype, and listen instead to resonances from angels, from ancestors, from the dead and buried in the soil we walk upon. You are experienced with loss, have learned it’s best to let go, and watch others struggle with the same lesson. It’s hard, in fact, to care to hold on. You have to train yourself to do the human condition of pretending this is all there is. You recognize that death is not the end because we are endless.

White Worldbridger people:

Julius Caesar – White Magnetic Worldbridger 

Bill Murray – White Lunar Worldbridger (portal)

Vincent Van Gogh – White Electric Worldbridger (portal)

Eric Clapton – White Self-Existing Worldbridger

Maya Angelou – White Overtone Worldbridger

Duane Allman – White Rhythmic Worldbridger

Patti Smith – White Resonant Worldbridger

Hillary Clinton – White Galactic Worldbridger

Aretha Franklin – White Solar Worldbridger 

Kim Kardashian – White Planetary Worldbridger

Joan Baez – White Spectral Worldbridger

Jimmy Carter – White Crystal Worldbridger

Jimmy Vaughn – White Worldbridger