White Dog Tribe

In Mayan: Oc

Left thumb

Action: to Love  Power: Heart  Essence: Loyalty

Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to Yellow Sun

Analog (support and similar energy) to Red Moon

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to Blue Monkey

Guide to some in the White Wind, White Worldbridger, White Wizard and White Mirror tribes

White Dog is one of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

White Dog is shown on the glyph as the simple sketch of a docile mammal. It is a dog, but as much it is the dog within us – the willing devotee, the humble and loyal disciple with eyes downcast to take in the earthen world while a larger Creator governs the astral vistas. White Dog also has its ears turned down, not pricked with intrigue or defense against predators. This exploration of canine energy is less the wolfhound preying in the wild or organizing into alpha male hierarchies than the warmhearted companion who will lay down in love, bow in subservience. It is neither an inclination towards abject servitude or ‘ownership’. White Dog is simply a calming of survival instincts as explored in Red Serpent and its lower chakra impulses; likewise we are not yet in Blue Eagle flight and discerning, higher mind. We are in our hearts, letting them surge and pine in the feeling state of love. We are as simplified as the glyph, smoothed by the hand of spirit to slumberous gratification, reassurance and a pure ache for connection.

White Dog people coexist with the other animal creatures of the Tzolkin cosmology. Red Dragon, reflecting the mystic crocodilian feminine divine, is our starting point, then we move into Red Serpent as an evolution from the swampy womb to a more arid, earthen landscape. We learn how to be born then in turn to procreate new life in these base reptilian stages. White Dog is the advent of warm blood, and we move one degree away from the earth’s surface, extended on four legs for easier and faster ambulation. Later, on the heels of this giant shift, we can amble on two legs in the Blue Monkey and even more upright Yellow Human phases. Ultimately we can fly as Blue Eagle until we rejoin an existence of pure ether and become Yellow Sun. This situates White Dog as heart-centered in the array of chakras that match the arc of animal evolution. We move from the root chakra and birth to the crown chakra and enlightenment, return to highest light.

All Tzolkin tribes are aspects of love, since love is a word like ‘grace’ that can refer to agile movement or the divine source that feeds all faith, the inclination to be grateful and also to be governed by godheads that hold us in angelic presence. Love exists in Red Dragon’s birth and nurturance through a great mother, White Wind’s offering of breath and absent, invisible guardianship. We dance through the Dreamtime in Blue Night and our hearts soar from the surreal journey; in Yellow Seed we discover the actions of generating new life through intimate connection, also making love. Even the gritty catalyst of Blue Storm is a means to clarify our connection to the sun, a Creator that warms our hearts and beings, and so is the ultimate heart opening of White Mirror, where our ribs are broken apart to further, fatally connect us to the heavens as a gesture of total trust and devotion to the eternal presence of the cosmos. 

So White Dog is an exploration of love, but it is not the only one, not a restricted passage or population of people who have the burden or exclusive rights to its light and weight. White Dog is the opening to intimate, relational longing and connection. White Dog is the awareness of the pleasures and purposefulness of partnership, family and tribe. It is the consciousness of others as kin, and the hunger to have abundant sources for friendship, for communion, for moving as a cooperative through life’s challenges. From the glyph we can also understand that White Dogs tone of love is in obeisance to a higher force, that if we are subservient in love it is to the source of its power, ears and eyes softened by its incredible benign will.

White Dog people can be shouldered with lives that work against our modern culture’s ideas about romantic love. A White Dog is devoted to love, will lay down and bow to love, will wait for love all day and night – longer – and when it comes back through the door will rise in bashful affection with tail uncontrollably expressing the truth in its heart: I am made to give and receive ardor. Only in extreme cases of abuse will a dog turn feral, too broken to stay in forgiveness, compassion and more pressing devotion. Usually, and singularly, White Dog lives for hope of this deepest connection – finding the god in each other and falling deeply into worship.

For White Dog passages and among White Dog people, disconnecting from our culture’s odd rejection of heart devotion is key. No one is co-dependent or loves too much if they are immersed in White Dog energy. They are merely, and fearlessly, operating from the truth of the heart. In White Dog we are taught by a higher power to forgive those that know not how they hurt, because they are brokenhearted and offering the world piercing shards of their earlier trauma. In White Dog our own breakage will heal, soften and with our fur and warm blood we are refuge for others who need to be surrounded by reassurance, to bury their hurts in our open hearts and heat.

White Dog’s action – its direction in life – is to love. White Dog defines ‘love’ as a verb, rather than a noun. Love is everywhere, is everything, yet in White Dog people it is an operative mode of existence. They are not just the embodiment of love, like a lotus or dolphin, but the active agent of love – tracking it, shepherding it, reuniting parts that are lost from each other without its connection, eating, sleeping and walking it through this world. White Dog rescues and saves others through love, even at the expense of their own wellness. They serve others in love, even in the appearance of self-sacrifice. White Dog obeys a higher command to love than its own ego. The glyph shows an animal without developed harshness and keen self-serving, one that is listening and guided – and reassured, loved in turn – by a grand astral influence. The lop of its ears is downward in reflection of a force of love rushing downward from on high. A White Dog may or may not personally experience the love that it activates in the planetary world, but is directed and reinforced by the source of love, by Creator.  

White Dog’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is heart. Reptiles are cold blooded and considered heartless in some mythology, but they do have this central organ. A mammalian heart pumps heat, fuels friction that allows a dog, for example, to be a radiant reflection of the sun itself – rather than dependent upon external heat sources to make its bloodstream warmly fluid. Truly, it is like having solar power for all other functions, so that the heart-centered and heart-powered White Dog can use the love and affection it generates to take on larger tasks: traveling distances, hunting and tracking, guarding the territorial perimeter. A dog bears its heart first in the world, with all other organs receding behind. In human upright form, our heart is bared along with our bellies and reproductive organs, and from that vulnerability we can tend towards tension that keeps them all uniformly defended. A four-legged crouch offers protection to the lower organs and chakras, so White Dog leads communication with its heart wide open.

White Dog has the essence of loyalty, the first order being to higher love. This feed comes from Creator and instills White Dog people with a dedication to beautiful, humble discipleship. They will revere and worship and be drawn to follow a spiritual cause. The White Dog tribe is loyal in personal relationships because it sees the god image in others, is drawn to their soulful essence, feeling the longing in their hearts and wishing to help feed it to fullness. Like pets, White Dog forgives much contemptible behavior if there is any hope of reconciliation. They seek the exponential warmth of two mammals embraced or many in a dog pile, and do not easily, readily play the lone wolf. However, White Dog has an eventual breaking point of a broken heart, and may lose loyalty to family or community. The relationship to god, however, is remarkably binding, as White Dog continues to be truly fed, truly soothed and softened by the presence of the divine as master and guide. 

White Dog is antipodal, opposite, to Yellow Sun. This relationship is described as challenging: White Dog is not innately an enlightened mind, is rather a whole and radiant heart, so Yellow Sun’s illuminated clarity is hard for White Dog to hold as a mental construct. Much easier is it for a dog to lie around in the sun and bask in heat, refuel on solar flares and become ever more warmhearted. Yellow Sun, in reverse, prefers ether, a high remove and to burn through everything, including mammalian relationships, for more self-emergence and pure light. Yellow Sun is balanced by the invitation to experience the animal world of committed families, communities and sensual stimulation. The synergy between the two archetypes is simple: White Dog loves the sun, is soothed and stimulated by the sun, to its physical and spiritual core; Yellow Sun is the teacher and priest who piercingly and honorably guides the dog disciple on a path of illumination, with a heart drenched in light.

White Dog is analogous, supported by Red Moon. Dogs like water – for moments of buoyancy and waves of resistance and the skin stimulation of foment moving through their fur follicles. White Dog also holds heartfelt presence, loyal loving, through the tidal surges of a moonscape’s gravitational influence on the waters of our world. The emotional catharsis that extreme lunation encourage is soothed by the animal warmth of White Dog love. Red Moon is held, too, as bloodstream in the highly attuned and resilient heartbeat of the mammalian world.

White Dog has a mystical, occult relationship to Blue Monkey. Blue Monkey is the next advent of animal within the Tzolkin spin, into upright ambling, mental hijinks and sweet swinging between tree limbs. White Dog looks forward towards this creature brother for inspiration, for the next steps of evolution, for the wonder of species advancement. White Dog dares to try new tricks in the company of Blue Monkey. Blue Monkey is still a heartfelt animal, only bouncing with cerebral imaginings that can lead to play and pleasure, yet White Dog grounds four-limbed stimulation into the earth – including the outgrowths of trees. White Dog is Blue Monkey’s call back toward caring for the whole animal kingdom, before advancement to Yellow Human when there’s an innate and unfortunate hunger to climb on the shoulders of less developed species rather than to be their compassionate guardians. Blue Monkey fills with White Dog’s dedicated love so that cooperative, communal living is rerouted to sharing kindness and graceful ease.

If you are guided White Dog, you are moved from your heart to both care-take and be compassionate to all living things. You are drawn to nature – walks and runs and feet in the waterways – and you are drawn, too, to communion. You innately wish for warmth in your life and have discovered that other mammals are a reliable source for stimulating heat. You fall in love, towards love, as if drawn to light, and life’s despair is from deprivation of shared emotional and spiritual embraces. Likewise, you are led by the sort of human connection that includes sleeping close and sharing a bowl of food. You act from loyalty to the divine core others, and to the great sun source of all life. You are fueled by mammalian acts of closeness, and you enable others to feel love as an active embrace, as embodied joy that ripples through our whole beings as energetic worship of life itself – like wagging from our root chakra to our crown and beyond.

White Dog people:

Meryl Streep – White Magnetic Dog

Prince Charles – White Lunar Dog (portal)

Prince Philip, Princess Anne – White Electric Dog

Prince Harry – White Self-Existing Dog

Cyndi Lauper – White Overtone Dog

Henry David Thoreau – White Rhythmic Dog (portal)

Igor Stravinsky – White Resonant Dog (portal)

Freddy Mercury – White Galactic Dog

Bill Cosby – White Solar Dog

Christopher Columbus – White Planetary Dog

Thomas Jefferson – White Spectral Dog (portal)

Elizabeth Taylor – White Crystal Dog

Madonna – White Cosmic Dog