Resonant Moon

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Channel – Inspire – Attunement

How can I attune myself to others?


The Resonant moon is the sixth of 13 in a 365-day solar cycle that begins July 26 with the rise of Sirius at dawn. In the first, Magnetic moon we discovered our purpose for the entirety of this 13 Moon year. In the second, Lunar moon we identified the challenge within our purpose, the obstacle we have to integrate or overcome to reach our divine intent. In the third, Electric moon, we felt the presence of the god force fill the distance and discord between our purpose and challenge. In the fourth Self-Existing moon, we were shown specifically what form our service would take, the foundation for the temple this year represents. In the fifth, Overtone moon we were given the empowerment to move our vision upward, and in the sixth, Rhythmic moon, we developed a cadence to pace ourselves in our deep work of this year.

third eye

There is a parallel between the Mayan mythology of the 13 stages of living in the curvature of time and the creation story from the Bible, insofar as ‘on the seventh day, He rested.’ Likewise, this seventh moon is a restful time, not a stoppage or sloth but a quiet listening and receiving of inspiration. The Resonant moon is spacious and serene compared to the initiation of the 13 moon wavespell. In the Resonant moon, we are in the center of our year – an interesting contrast to the new year we have just ushered in around the globe – and in the mid-point, we slow to stillness and silence to take account of all that’s happened so far.

It’s more beautifully described as a time of deep attunement to the edges of the universe, the place where Creator lives and breathes messages to us about how to move through the world. In this moon all busyness and high accomplishment is a distraction from the greater task of listening to the ethers, the voices of angels and spirit guides, power animals and ancestors. We even hear the soul essence of each other as much as our spoken words. In this time of being resonant, our receptors to energy vibrations are stronger than our ears to actual sound.

throat chakra 1

It’s very much like the Sundays of the so-called olden days, when it was ritual to not work, to force immobility, to reflect on the godspell. We also know this state from meditation, the moment when the monkey-mind clicks off and we are in revery. It’s not either that we leave our bodies and drift off in Dreamtime exploration, but that we make space within ourselves, within our souls, for more divine information and inspiration to settle and take root. We therefore lose some of the clutter: outdated ideas and ideals, plans that are from another paradigm than this present one, and anything that would entrap others in order to give us a false sense of freedom.

It’s almost hard to describe, because this time is an undoing, is being. There’s nothing at this mid-section of the year to activate except deeper connection to the heavenly bodies. We used the previous moons to explore engagement with the year’s purpose and how we would grow our gifts to serve the world. We certainly shed layers of resistance, especially through our surrender to the wavespells of the Tzolkin calendar. The Resonant moon is an inhalation, then, to celebrate the space created by our fearless dissolving. We have room and awareness now to connect with our dream life and the divine.


The 13 tones of a wavespell are represented in the major bodily joints, starting with our left ankle because of its close rooting to earth goddess energy and its place on our receptive feminine side. The Magnetic moon begins there, then moves up to the left knee – Lunar, and the hip – Electric. The left wrist is Self-Existing, the elbow Overtone, the shoulder Rhythmic. The spinal axis is Resonant, and then the tones continue in a cascade down the right, masculine side to direct our energy out into the world.

The teaching of this long circuit through the body is again the nature of the wavespell. The first six stages of evolution are deep internal work, the within. The seventh stage is the apex, closest to the sky, and a central channel that draws that celestial energy into the earth. The completion stages of the wavespell are outward moving, a transformation of all the inner journeying into being in the world, producing and co-operating with others’ manifestations.

yellow chakra

We will feel this more in the moons to come, the blossoming past the soil surface towards the sun, after so much time steeped in the nutrients of dark decomposition. Right now, we are at the summit, the turning point, and close connection to Creator. It’s a time of reassurance, refreshment and, again, rest. We don’t have to sit still to be still. We just embrace the streamlining that is naturally arising, the simplicity.

We thrashed around a bit in the Rhythmic moon, truly trying out different rates of speed, different syncopated beats. Now we have our rhythm, our hearts on track. We don’t need much more to sustain our true purpose this year besides our open, pulsing heart. So we pause without losing our life force – our heart doesn’t stop, but is more strongly heard through a larger silence – instead of forging ahead to some finish line invented by our ego.


The challenge within the Resonant moon is just to practice this strengthening and opening of heart and mind against whispers of self-absorption and fear of the unknown. Right now is unknown, difficult to augur, mostly an empty slate for the next necessary awakening. We are not stalled in this wave formation, but maintaining the power and speed offered in the last two moons. We have further to ascend until the crest and overturn of this energy spiral, but right now we are passengers riding the divine impulse, and only asked to carry on with what is already in motion.