Red Moon Tribe

In Mayan: Muluc

Right pinky toe

Action: Purify     Power: Universal Water     Essence: Flow

Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to Blue Storm

Analog (support and similar energy) to White Dog

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to Yellow Human

Guide to some in the Red Dragon, Red SerpentRed Skywalker and Red Earth tribes

Red Moon is the first of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

When we enter Red Moon, all is too watery to form hard edges of resistance. The only passage is with the flow, and downhill in a stream toward the vast expanse of sea level. Red Moon people are themselves deeply drawn to oceanic grandeur, whether to the seas themselves or the communion of gathering together from all rivers of life. Red Moon people are watery in their own being, succulent instead of spindly, rife with over-spilling emotion or calmly able to flow with challenge and change; they hold each polarity of a water nature. Red Moon celebrates water within us – our bloodstream, lymph, digestive fluids and other streaming channels of movement – and the water without – rain, river, lake, ocean, ice. In Red Moon passages we are inevitably drawn to water, from drinking to dipping to cleansing the currents of our own inner organs – and Red Moon people carry this synchronic relationship to the waterways of the world with them always.

There are metaphoric flows that hold the Red Moon tribe’s attention: movement of the body, in everything from dance to yoga to walks along the seaside; spiritual teachings that offer deep cleansing to the psyche, in rituals and releases of purification; and emotional surges that mirror the dark side of the moon shifting into bright reflective light, from new moon sensations of barrenness to the full moon’s restless brilliance and optimism. Red Moon represents changeability, whether to reflect the lunation and its tidal influence, or the cycle of water molecules as they evaporate into clouds then pour back to earth, running in rivulets to larger pools that again rise in steam. Red Moon people are maximally sensitive, feel things by osmosis and without guard, and they are influenced by – fluidly draw in – all they touch. This responsiveness means Red Moon is a passive and receptive archetype. Push hard against water and it yields, even if somewhere away from the impact there is spillage.

Red Moon is an homage to the menstruation of women, the way we cycle with the moon’s phases and have our bleak darkness as well as resplendent light. Even men born in the Red Moon tribe are as responsive as the ocean to the moon’s gravitational pull. Captured by astral alignments, yet designed to flow along the earth’s surface, this water clan is malleable and unlikely to initiate great movements rather than be guided by them. Water seeks its balance, and Red Moon people do as well. They race with churning foam in a downhill surge, or settle themselves as still water. We can see our reflections in them most easily when they are calm, and when stirred up we can feel a vague possibility of danger. An impact with a Red Moon person – a conflict – might seem to hurt, but as much it washes us clean of the gritty layer of debris we have picked up on more sordid paths. Red Moon people, though, seldom stir to foment, and are as likely to rise above hot conflagrations, seeking spirit for purification.

Red Moon invites purification, and holds the shadow energy of being purist to the extreme – following strict doctrines for health, in spiritual practice, in diet and in relationships. It’s against the nature of the Red Moon tribe to be dirtied, sullied, and a lifestyle of constant cleansing and releasing is often cultivated. When we enter into relationship with Red Moon people, we are cleansed and purified by osmosis, their rigorous washing away of toxin instigating that we also let go of contaminating habits. Red Moon people just want a smooth passage, want to race homeward to the mother of all oceans and be in communion with other cleansed forces. They won’t fight uphill battles, but will find the path that moves easily with the earth’s undulations.

Only the moon’s waxing and waning upsets their inclination to simply flow. The Red Moon tribe is taken off course by shadow play, and it’s a healthy challenge to their otherwise seamless downhill descent. When the moon is aligned with the earth and sun in a string of astral bodies, even water gets pulled in sway. So Red Moon people are in their souls reverent of the heavens, are skyward in their dreaming even as they slip over the earth’s surface, touching every dip, every depression, ever crevice into shadow. They can’t control the solar and lunar cycles and shared dance of darkness and light, so they bow to that which can press them into moodswings and other polar extremes.

It’s a vulnerable existence. As humans, our most intimate contact with the elements is with water – as we will bare our skin to bathe much more than to walk in open air, rest by the fire, or press ourselves to a field of earth. Red Moon invites our nakedness, our exposed sensitivity and is a time to be under the influence of stronger forcers. In this archetype, we come back to the feminine expression Red Moon holds. We are set to roll with challenges, and cannot refute them.

Red Moon’s action – its direction in life – is to purify. As water, Red Moon innately washes situations clean and clear. If another human is obscured by toxicity – addiction, denial, aggression instead of calm – Red Moon will boundlessly work to create clarity and restored light where there has been a burden or blockage. The methodology of Red Moon is also similar to water: slow and steady eradication, a stream of contact that enforces purity over time instead of in a lightning strike. Water can be forceful when gravity and a steep downhill incline increase its speed of flow, but more often it serves as a clarifying agent through constancy and sustained contact: the lapping of waves, the trickle of a summer creek, the outpour of rain. There is emotion in Red Moon’s purification. The offering to help another come clean fills Red Moon people with turgid feelings, from intense compassion to despair in viewing another life so darkened in shadow. They offer purity through empathy, the overflow of their own tears. 

Red Moon’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is universal water. First we may remember all the waterways of our planet, connected by their molecular structure. In remote regions of continental edges and in urban sprawls amid the First World there is a continuum, a constant of water. It comes from the sky and fills geological basins, crevasses, and moves under the laws of physics and astronomy to the connective spread of the world’s oceans. It rises to the sky and through wind currents is blown around the globe to land once more in rainfall. The water we drink is the water we bathe in, swim in, sail upon, see as cloud cover. It is an element we have the most conscious contact with, as air is an unconscious inhalation, and earth where we must land every step forward. Fire is precious within our warm hearts, and in the sun’s radiance, but water is what we choose to dip in, to drink. And it has a parallel to the circuitry of water within us, the currents of our own biology. Universal water includes the bodies of water we are, wet with saline, with blood, with endocrine and lymph. When we cry, we rain. When we sweat, we evaporate. When we fill with fluids we are ourselves more in flow, and in the fullness we are affected by the other aspects of the universe: planetary bodies whose interplay pulls at us tidally, makes us extreme or in balance at different junctures of the planets, moons, stars. Red Moon is homage to our moon at the center of these gravitational influences upon us, connecting us to the orbits and intersections of the cosmos.

Red Moon has the essence of flow, because water is always in motion. Still water caught without a place to stream on will become stagnant. Water may ice and then thaw, but in a human body, always well above freezing temperatures, we cannot sustain if our fluid nature stops cold. Our inner streaming is constant, feeding cells oxygen, feeding tissues fluidity. On the surface of the earth, water also flows. It falls then collects in the canyons of the earth’s curvatures. The stronger the collection of water molecules, the wider the flow. The steeper the earth’s topology, the faster the flow downhill to larger waters. Once in the communion of connected rivers, streams, run offs in the vast expanse of a world ocean, there is still flow in tidal currents, wind resistance, and swells that emanate from the ocean floor from earth’s seismic activity. We are the same, jiggling our own water flow with our skeletal shifts, our tightened and relaxed muscle pulses. The water within us gurgles, surges, runs to momentary foment then stills more in its streams. In the Red Moon essence, we can move around life’s hard edges, spill over the rough terrain in our aim to greater communion with all in a rolling sea.

Red Moon is antipodal, opposite, to Blue Storm. As antipodes balance each other, it’s perfect that Red Moon offers Blue Storm its main molecular composition of water. Blue Storm in turn is the agent of catalyzing water to change locations, to intensify its flow, and to participate in a cathartic cleansing and clearing moment. Red Moon will evaporate into cloud formations, and as the water condenses it can become too heavy for staying airborne in the sky. Blue Storm is the action of overcrowding exploded into freedom. The water molecules chafe against each other until a spark of fire ignites – thunder, lightning – and then comes the downpour. Water that rose from one location of the earth travels far by wind currents and the storm’s fireworks. It bathes and purifies another parcel of land. So Blue Storm helps Red Moon with grand gestures of change, greater movements of its soul purpose. And Red Moon’s emotional expanse is what feeds Blue Storm’s own grandeur, its perceived expressions of rage, torment, grief. Blue Storm liberates Red Moon from being too skyward, brings it back to earth. Red Moon is in turn the foundational element of Blue Storm’s existence. Red Moon may be challenged by all the upheaval a storm will serve, when it may have preferred to be still, an ambling stream. But the ions are charged with change and the water purer, fresher for its time in the sky.

Red Moon is analogous, supported by White Dog. White Dog is mammalian love, a heart warmed by the flow of blood throughout an animal body. White Dog is strengthened and defined by its inner fluidity and the heat that motion produces. Red Moon is water, and again – with more consciousness than the other prime elements – animal kind is dependent on water for drinking, maintaining its fluid nature. In life, Red Moon people need love, want to cleanse and purify because of their loyalties and hope that in the outcome stronger love connections will be cultivated – between beloveds, families, communities as well as in every individual’s relationship to Creator. White Dog’s loving heart is bruised and broken if it stays too rigid. Red Moon gives it adaptability, changeability and a path of going with the flow so there is less hardship and edginess. Water softens and smoothes and clarifies heart connections.


Red Moon has a mystical, occult relationship to Yellow Human. Yellow Human is a likewise a mammal, although more intellectually developed than White Dog. Our need for water not just instinctual but conscious, something we plan rigorously to attain and sustain in our lives. But the deepest connection we may feel to water is innately ceremonial, the ritual of cleansing and purification present even when we take a shower or wash dishes. Water soothes, helps the inner workings of our body reflect the outer flow we let spill over us in the simplest gestures of watering the garden, swimming through the summer, riding the waves of a seascape. The moon, too, is our hidden divinity, helping Yellow Human to be influenced by grand planetary movements instead of our ego and its will to control, contain nature. Red Moon will feel the advent of Yellow Human passages as empowerment: usually a base element of water flow or moon phases, it is suddenly given meaning, homage, through a human mind, human influence. It is a time to feel worthy, important and vital, and to both receive reverence and provide ritual purification that satisfies the Red Moon impulse to rid the world of toxins and blockages of flow.

If you are guided Red Moon, you don’t get edgy or broken as much as follow the guidance of a material world. You bend to it while also washing it clean of superficial grunginess. You are drawn to stay with situations – relationships, jobs, life choices – for a long time, wanting to wear away at the difficulties more than recoil and flee. You are drawn to the oceans, lakes, rivers, all water routes that thread the surface of our planet – and you move towards the ultimate communion of all becoming one, in balance, in peace. You aim for succulence, juiciness, an embodiment that is not brittle but lush and full of fruition. You are also sensitive, porous and open to the osmosis of others moving through your thinnest resistance.

Red Moon people:

Rodney King, Red Magnetic Moon 

Stewart Copeland, Red Lunar Moon

Michelle Obama, Red Electric Moon

Lady Gaga, Red Self-Existing Moon (portal)

Jennifer Lawrence, Red Overtone Moon (portal)

Robin Williams, Red Rhythmic Moon (portal)

Morgan Freeman, Red Resonant Moon (portal)

Jim Morrison, Red Galactic Moon

Winona Ryder, Red Solar Moon

Lana del Rey, Red Planetary Moon

Johnny Cash, Red Spectral Moon

George W. Bush, Red Crystal Moon

George Carlin, Red Cosmic Moon