Red Earth Tribe

In Mayan: Caban

Left middle toe

Action: Evolve     Power: Navigation     Essence: Synchronicity

Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to Blue Hand

Analog (support and similar energy) to White Wind

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to Yellow Seed

Guide to some in the Red Dragon, Red Serpent, Red Moon and Red Skywalker tribes

Red Earth is one of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

Red Earth is a complicated glyph to decipher. The zigzagged line curving into a hook is seen as well in the Yellow Warrior’s shield. It is the power of the earth, seismic and forceful, pulsing upwards to be embraced as energetic shift. A tremor shivers through the earth and reorients us in spin. Our own bodies and actions imitate the earth as it moves through the cosmos, also revolving through an orbit. The long line across the top is also seen in the Blue Storm glyph, suggesting how we are alternately connected to the skies. We feel energy from both our planet’s base, and from an astral influence. Between the two we have surges of kinetic earth energy, and smooth, streaming sky power.

The dashed line and circle are a separate exploration of Red Earth, representing how we receive pulses of inspiration from the planet that manifest to bring bubbles of clarity to our daily lives. To encourage the transmission, this time is for conducting ceremony that imitates the earth’s own emissions. We light sage, incense, other plant spirit medicines, in order to purify just as the earth will when a volcano blows, or a forest fire ruptures the landscape. We use the earth’s natural processes to inform and inspire our daily rituals of honoring and gratitude. Lastly, this simple circle is another reminder of the globe and its annual orbit. In Red Earth energy, we celebrate and make ritual or our grand journey through the stars.

Red Earth people are by their nature, then, travelers. They innately want to imitate our own planetary body and move across its surface just as it moves through the galaxy. Taking flight in airplanes, steady pulses of road trips or even long commutes are innate to the Red Earth tribe. This earth may be solid by comparison to air and water, yet through the Mayan prism we aren’t celebrating its soil content but its mobility, its odyssey through space. Red Earth people take pleasure and sustenance by staying in motion. Bicycling, hiking, footsteps over the earth’s surface or a swifter imitation of planetary transiting: all serve to revision our planet for its vast trajectory and the change that happens as we shift through parts of the galaxy, in relation to the sun and other stars.

Red Earth people are the journey as much as they themselves are inclined to travel. Entering the space of a Red Earth being is to feel a circular orbit, to start at one point of entry then ride along for a grand arc of evolution. It’s a metaphysical theme park ride, where we feel places of resistance and ease along the way, but are aware always of being propelled through growth. Unlike other clearly transformative tribes, such as Blue Storm or Red Serpent, the journey alongside Red Earths evolution is not sharp angled, harrowing in places or wrought with metaphors of death and rebirth. Red Earth invites steady, progressive change without emotional cataclysm. Travel can challenge us with unseen fates and hard passes to push through, but it also offers expansive, open space. Red Earth people and passages invite subtle but pervasive shifts, with the rare and relatively decisive seismic rupture.

The Red Earth tribe inspires plentiful metaphors as it dovetails with all our planet earth represents in our canon of mysticism and mythology. There is earthiness, grounding and stability. There are undulations of physical longings and expressions: sexual, guttural and primal with heat and depth. Red Earth people have a solid, magnetic core and then more supple and tender layers that move to a deflective surface meant to sustain life force. They are foundational, the stage for other vital activity. They supply nutrients to all that grows in their midst through the subtle means of taking past decay and transforming it to renewable resource. Red Earth people can hold and remember the past, then make it useful and supportive to others who are more oriented to present-time survival.

Red Earth people are able to be the mountain, the garden soil, the fluctuating landscapes of canyons and eroded riverbeds. They are slow to change, but are eternal change. They are nature and yet deeper than seasons. They are eons of emergence through astral and meteorological shifts. They are old souls, but without the catastrophic hard karma of more quicksilver archetypes. They are the space holders for faster machinations, concentrating on nourishment for the roots systems of all who need their touch.

Red Earth people are ceremonialists who make ritual of the circular nature of their journeying. They may or may not embrace shamanic practices. It’s as likely they simply celebrating the launch of each travel experience and the homecoming at its completion. This includes the cup of coffee to accompany the morning commute and the olden days cocktail that concluded the return leg homeward. Whatever their persona – farmer, realtor, stoner – those of the Red Earth tribe recreate ancient ritual based on cycles through the overt means of sweat lodges, fire circles and sun dances, or much more subtly by being methodical in their patterns of movement, their route-ines. Their whole lives, though often stable and staid – landed – look like travel itineraries, full of both exploration and self-sustaining breaks.

Red Earth also suggests being in relationship to the vast sea of planetary bodies, not presuming to exist separate from the other orbits in the cosmos and the stars that seem to stay relatively still. The earth is like a ship passing by continents, oceanic drifts and other fleets. It has a relationship to what is immobile as well as other journeying beings, and in this connection Red Earth people are synchronized, orchestrated to everything that surrounds them. Their lives are sparked by the magic of seeing who orbits alongside, whose path they crossed, who they almost ran over.  They have their insular experience – a density, a drawing into their core, a preoccupation with their body’s processes – but as much they are drawn to the vistas of their journeying, which include people, places and things, and the constellational web that connects them all.

Red Earth’s action – its direction in life – is to evolve. Red Earth people help situations move forward, especially when karmic growth is in question. From the start of encountering a Red Earth person to the end, change will happen, slow and certain. Again, there are two suggestions for why growth and evolution occur: the way earth holds a seed and fortifies its root system so it can reach strongly towards the sun; and the way our planet never stops or slows in its orbit, always moving and offering new, expansive views. Similarly when we enter Red Earth passages, we can be certain that through the span of our sojourn in its energy, we will be shown vantage points that inspire new perspectives and the stuck situations in our lives will shift and settle, moved by greater forces in the sky and many layers deeper down into our earth’s core.

Red Earth’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is navigation. Our planet’s journey through the stars is ordained by gravitational relationships with the sun and some other celestial bodies. It doesn’t require steering or compass orientation. When we move as Red Earth on our trajectory, we do need to hold the wheel and redirect ourselves constantly by the constellations of our lives. We hold an active role, watching for danger and deterrents that impede the flow of our forward movement. We also include others as guides and reference points as we go, watchful for their indication of where we can accelerate or turn. The journey is inwardly solo, but includes many others in the process of growth, steadying our course. Red Earth people are defensive drivers and highly skilled at the coordination of their vessel – be it their travel gear, mode of transportation or their own body base. They keep it clean and oiled and monitor its parts to continue a smooth glide.

Red Earth has the essence of synchronicity, that sweet sensation of not being alone on our life path, but crossing or co-traveling with other people, instances and energies. Red Earth times and Red Earth people inspire endless amazement at the connections among our collective humanity and the Dreamtime web that interweaves us. We are not just forcefully determining our fate, but cast forward by gravitational pull, by reverberation with other astral bodies. In those life streams, we find others following the same energetic invitations, and so we awaken to the magic of recurring themes, faces, references. Red Earth offers us the best part of being an earthling, embodied – to have that childlike awakening to how spirit slips inside of cellular reality and sparks us to realize there is a greater orchestration to life than our free will.

Red Earth is antipodal, opposite, to Blue Hand. Blue Hand represents knowing – touching something in order to make a mental computation that it is so. Red Earth simply is. It’s the raw material that Blue Hand wants to organize and mold. We dig our hands into the earth to make flowers and fruit, to make clay vessels, to feel the substance of each other and create new life forms. Red Earth is the matter that becomes the making of new material abundance. Blue Hand challenges Red Earth by its inclination to shape shift what simply is into complicated novelties. Red Earth challenges Blue Hand by its vast simplicity, offering rampant new ideas and inspiration. They are in some ways at odds – mental meets corporal, hands-on healing connection meets something always in motion, often moving on – yet as much co-creating balance. Red Earth is the material for new creation and Blue Hand is the determined visionary making manifestations from source.

Red Earth is analogous, supported by White Wind. Many elements shape the earth’s constant reformation: water undulates over its surface to make ridges and riverbeds; fire fuses minerals into different densities from molten lava to compacted granite. Air is a more gentle touch, stirring up dust but not boulders, whispering across the surface of our planet and its silt layer. Red Earth feels clarified by White Wind, but not blistered by greater degrees of change. Red Earth is moved by White Wind, is carried for a while – cleansed especially in the fragmented parts of itself, the residue of bigger shocks and upheaval. White Wind is conversely shown how to brush against intractable forms – granite mountains, boulder basins – and still stir all that wishes to move into a dance with spirit. Every granule of Red Earth is supported to journey, to shift places and rest somewhere new as air currents slow.

Red Earth has a mystical, occult relationship to Yellow Seed, for the clearest reasons. Red Earth supports Yellow Seed in an unseen way. In the darkness of the earth’s underbelly, away from light, an incredible alchemy happens. Yellow Seed is cased in a shield, a hard protective layer, for survival. Yet within the earth’s wet soil, it cracks out of this defense posture and sends its most vulnerable shoot into the pitch, sensing upward growth toward the sun. As ‘occult’ means hidden, away from view, it’s perfect that the intimacy of earth and seed happens in the depth of shadows and the regenerated soil of all the fallen leaves and other earlier losses. Red Earth allows Yellow Seed to explode towards sunlight, and Yellow Seed is the flowering that ultimately decays to create Red Earth’s topsoil. How death of one leads to another’s robust self-emergence is the confounding perfection of occult energy.

If you are guided Red Earth, you need to be on the road to feel in the full flow of life. The road is asphalt, or it is dirt that diminishes to a footpath or you have to pioneer your own way through the roughage of the world’s superficial destinies. You live for the palpable motion of our planet’s trajectory through space, and you sense live as an evolution, always changing and developing, rather than halting in blockage or surging explosively. You are called toward even, steady advancement and also towards ceremonies – indigenous or of this modern civilization – that show the cyclical nature of life experience: what comes around, goes around, endlessly.

Red Earth people:

Kobe Bryant – Red Magnetic Earth

Lance Armstrong – Red Lunar Earth (portal)

Deepak Chopra – Red Electric Earth

Jane Austen – Red Self-Existing Earth

Tina Turner – Red Overtone Earth

Arthur Miller – Red Rhythmic Earth

Shaquille O’Neal – Red Resonant Earth

Leonardo daVinci – Red Galactic Earth

Salman Rushdie – Red Solar Earth

Willie Nelson – Red Planetary Earth

Joseph Campbell – Red Spectral Earth

Leonardo diCaprio – Red Crystal Earth (portal)

Cesar Chavez – Red Cosmic Earth