The Tzolkin Daybook.


5 1/2” x 8 1/2” – 84 pages – Color and black & white

The only exclusively Tzolkin calendar

Commit your time-tracking to the Tzolkin sacred count. Make appointments and note the synchronicities you encounter as you move through the Mayan 260-day (nine month) cycle, chronicling the gestation of all your creative endeavors from conception to birth.

The legacy of Mayan prophetic teachings can be accessed by dropping into the daily sacred count of the Tzolkin calendar. By falling into ancient Mayan rhythms and honoring their mythological symbols, we are connecting to the ascended Maya – and will be guarded and guided by their astral and angelic presence.

The Tzolkin Daybook includes writings on each wavespell and color plates for tracking them. There is space to make notes of your daily experiences, and a series of questions for each wavespell to help you track its archetypal energies through journal writing and meditation.

The Tzolkin Daybook is also a substitution for our Gregorian planners, to be used for appointments and our obligations in the everyday world, infusing ‘reality’ with the Dreamtime images of the Mayan sacred count.

Currently out of print.