The Natural Time Calendar Handbook – A Primer for Following the Thirteen Moon and Tzolkin Calendars


8 1/2” x 11” – 12 pages – Color

A colorfully illustrated beginner’s accompaniment to the 13 Moon and Tzolkin calendars. Details the Mayan origins, wavespells, tribes, tones, how the calendars live in our bodies and our birth astrology within their cycles.

The Natural Time Calendar Handbook is offered as an initial and ongoing reference for following the Tzolkin and 13 Moon calendars. Learn the early history of the Natural Time count and the authentic Mayan aspects, as well as the influence of Jose Arguelles’ channeled vision.

Lisa Star’s imaginative collage art accompanies clear instruction on how to engage with the shamanic day energies and the ‘wavespells’ of 13 days, moons and years. She offers encapsulations of the 20 archetypal ‘tribes’ and orients them to our bodies. We each have relationships to calendar passages described by our birth. Follow the key to find your birth energy and its connection to other tribes – and other people.


Other pages include The Mayan Influence on Natural Time, The Dreamspell of Jose Arguelles, 13 Tones, Working a Wavespell, The Tzolkin Calendar, Natural Time & Your Body, Your Birth Astrology and Further Natural Time Resources.

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Page Count

12 calendar-sized pages of color illustrations


8.5" x 11"