Natural Time: A Guidebook to the Maya Calendars


5 1/2” x 8.5 “ – 260 pages

The definitive introduction to Natural Time. Written after 13 years of deep contemplation of the Tzolkin and 13 Moon cycles, Lisa’s book is an accessible and intricate synthesis of everything you need to get started in following the Maya cycles, as well as finding your own personal cosmology within the calendar count.

Natural Time is a perfect entry point for beginners, with a heartfelt reflection of Lisa’s personal discovery of the calendars and their healing influences.

Natural Time is an overview of the Mayan calendars as interpreted by Jose Arguelles for our modern usage in metaphysical awakening. Lisa Star has taught the Natural Time cycles for 15 years and presents a powerful introduction to its rhythms, bridging Arguelles’ original channel with her own experiential discoveries.

Natural Time is perfect for those who know nothing about the phenomenal Mayan legacy of tracking time, or know only about the recent 2012 transit. It helps connect the meaning of the Mayan prophecy with the daily shamanic calendar the Maya used to make each dawn sacred and reverent. It deepens our awareness of Mayan spirituality – as vital as the yogic traditions that come out of India, and as powerful for personal transformation.

Learn the origins of our own erratic Gregorian calendar, and the counterbalance an indigenous reverence of time offers. Enter the Mayan mythology where each day references a sacred archetype, and find your birth – and others’ – within that schema.

Discover the embodiment of time, counting days, ‘moons’ and years on our primary joints, and hands and feet, and through our chakra centers. Open yourself to heightened synchronicity as time becomes a spiritual teaching with signs and symbols showing us our way through the unfolding days.

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