Natural Time Altar Cards – A Calendar Alternative


2 1/2” x 4 1/4” – 70 double-sided cards – Color

The Natural Time Altar Cards provide in-depth support for study of the 13 Moon and Tzolkin calendars, offering written description to accompany the passage of days and 28-day moons, as well as the original Mayan ‘vinal’ cycles.

Resonant Truth also offers the cards as an alternative to a printed calendar. The Maya did not have written calendars, but followed time on their bodies and revered it with their temples. You can follow the rhythms of Natural Time day by day, moon by moon, by displaying the cards of the moment in your sacred spaces.

Each card refers you to the part of your body celebrated by the day. It gives description of the shamanic energies and Jose Arguelles’ original word associations to meditate upon.


20 Tribes       13 Tones
13 Moon      7 Chakras
4 Directions     19 Vinals
1 Portal     1 Day Out of Time
+ descriptions of each energy

Currently out of print.

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