Blue Monkey Wavespell


Monkey Glyph

Magic – Play – Illusion

Blue Monkey is one of the 20 aspects of our environment celebrated in the Tzolkin (soul count) 260-day calendar. The glyph image is of the essence of our animal form, rather than an external picture of a primate. The dark stone shapes at the bottom represent coals – we can see them also in the depiction of Blue Night, which shows the fire of the hearth where we warm ourselves through a deep sleep. In our mammalian nature, hot from blood circulation, we hold a hearth in the fire of our hearts. The organ itself pumps life force through our body, and somehow generates the capacity to love – a heart in motion. The upright oval above the coals is like an emission of compassion, courage and tenderness. The curve of inverted horns we have also seen in the Blue Night glyph and Yellow Human: the inner ear, or how we receive information from divine channels in dreaming or intuition. The Blue Monkey has a deep receptivity to spirit messages, and along with the heart connection, is able to create the solid block at the top of the glyph: a stable mind, capable of form and substance. As we enter the Blue Monkeywavespell, we match our earlier primate incarnation where a warm heart meets joyous reverence to god, manifesting a clear mind for much sacred creation.

Frida red ribbon monkey

Blue Monkey is a breath of relief for humans. It’s a step backwards in our evolution, maybe to the utopian heyday of our two-legged stance. Without the burden of so much know-how – free will, mistakes we learn from but also are hard to forget – we are inclined towards good times, swinging from the trees. If we remember the video reels we’ve seen of monkeys in the jungle, or even in the caged cement cubicles of the zoo, we know how loose they amble, how their long arms embrace each other easily. We observe their unrepentant nudity, and the expressions of violence limited to bansheeing, foot stomps and the occasional wrestling match. Mostly they show intimacy with nature – treetops elevating them into the aerated spirit world – and each other – so much hugging. We see ourselves as an echo of this freedom and miss the original form.

frida monkeys

Humans have free will, and monkeys have free love. When we slip up in our civilization and get primal we reclaim the ease of our inner animal – sexually expressive, a little sloppy, distracted by the present moment’s offerings instead of pinpointed toward future accomplishment. Monkeys live in tropical environments because they don’t have the inclination to scrimp and salvage through dark winter shadows. They don’t necessarily have domiciles, but live like tree huggers; they don’t hunt except for lice and vermin, are the original raw foodist fruitarians. When we access our own hippie-happy, endless summer/endless childhood inner innocent, we are in a Blue Monkeymood. This time is a celebration of playfulness and we have earned it.

The Blue Monkeywavespell starts from the center of the Tzolkin count, launching the second half of the 260-day cycle. This second stretch is called the Blue Monkey Genesis, and counterbalances the Red Dragon Genesis of the first 130 days. The two parts work to complement one another and embody the experience of gestation. When we start in utero we are but a speck in a dark sea of dark fluid, warmed within the mother’s amniotic ocean but also lost within it. Through the wavespells of the Red Dragon Genesis, we are continually asked to embrace disorientation, egoic assumptions and past experiences torn away to expose us to a renewed dependence on the essence of a maternal divine. We are not in charge, over and over again, but are shown our weakness, our blockages, our resistance – and are with a firm but benevolent parental guidance offered redirection towards being simple, humble, a small part in a much larger picture of life forces.

frida snake monkey

We arrive at the Blue Monkeywavespell on our knees in exhaustion and gratitude from this wild ride through reclaiming a love of feminine nurturance and flow. In this passage into the masculine presence of the Blue Monkey Genesis we realize that our holy father figure is a master trickster – playful, goofy, fun-loving and free. The preparation in the womb for an oxygenated life, which the Tzolkin cycle commemorates and allows us to reexperience in consciousness over and over again, is this duality of trusting the sacred darkness so we can play easily in the light. We are no longer afraid of any shadows, especially not our own, so we don’t have to be vigilant and guarded – we are at ease. If we did the work of embracing disorientation, a recalibration towards humility, and were lost at sea under the endless stars, we now feel ready to celebrate the simple experience of survival.

frida_kahlo bird monkey

Reflect if you feel that, the way each of the first ten wavespells of the Tzolkin pushed you beyond a modern human perspective and into the way of the ancients, the earth and sky only vastness but also enveloping us in care and compassion. Maybe you were asked to lose some things that got in the way of this deep and integral memory of divine order.

The Blue Monkey Genesis is an exhalation after we took in breaths beyond our usual lung capacity. It is the implementation of our new learning – we go out and make something of our ease of motion, using plans dropped into our mind’s eye by a revitalized connection to god. The glyph shows that, the deep inner ear cocked and receptive, fueling our heart and its throbbing, its love. In the picture of feminine and masculine energy play, the Blue Monkey Genesis is our outward, directive gesture, stepping forth after the long meditation and space creation of the Red Dragon’s nesting. So we launch, into the trees, in communion with one another and with the speed of swinging over the jungle floor instead of pushing through its tundra. Allow yourself to dream, your heart to swell, your mind’s necessary confusion these past wavespells finally clearing to its foundational impulses. You can start to build now, the temple or simple home that will increase your heart’s warmth and your intuitive connection to the spirit world.

frida monkey

Jose Arguelles chose three words to describe the Blue Monkey. Its power is magic, and under its guidance we are magicians. The divine father energy of this time is truly the shamanic medicine man in action, keeping himself safe through cunning, shapeshifting and humor. There is an enhanced spark of electricity in all life force right now, a change in consciousness like the moment when a child opens a birthday present and all the keen wishing is made real. Our eyes will widen in shocked delight, and our confidence in overlying angelic presence is strengthened: someone is listening to my heartfelt whispers. If you’re worried about black magic, you’re thinking too hard about bad monkeys, which are rare, possibly called humans. This is a passage backwards in world evolution to something simpler, easier, and more inclined towards alchemical arts. You will resurrect your own skills in this arena.

The action of Blue Monkey is to play, and in addition to goofing off, hitting the swings in the neighborhood park, and exploring adult themes like acting in theatre productions, you will simply smile. And laugh. It’s been a while, touring as we have through the strident teaching of White Worldbridger (allowing death), Blue Storm (cataclysmic transformation), Yellow Human (repossessing our nobility), Red Serpent (pure survival) and White Mirror (ritual human/ego sacrifice). We get to lighten up now, so deeply and thoroughly purified, stripped bare. We play as monkeys do, without toys, costumes, homework to get to eventually. We have so much open space, are entirely unmasked. We approach each other for a dance, a game, a deep belly laugh, a kind embrace, with nothing to chafe and create friction between us except wild fun.

The essence of Blue Monkey is illusion, which is not delusion. This is an important distinction, because when we are celebrating illusions in this time, it’s not reverence for something that doesn’t existence as much as the very heart of existence. The Blue Monkeylens sees beyond the physical reality, the mental constructs, into the much more etheric and eternal strands of being. The magic of this time, and the positive masculine values, are the honoring and protection of all forms of life, from cellular to supernatural. In the compression of every stone is a spirit voice we can listen to. In this time we will try much harder to hear it. Often in the Blue Monkey teaching of this entire Genesis, we come round at its conclusion to recognize that physical reality is much more illusory than the spirit world supporting it.


Remembering White Mirror

Last Wavespell’s Learning

We were asked over 13 days to imaginally climb the steep stairs of the temple and arrive atop at the threshold to heaven. There was a steady push behind us to fearlessly move forward and up, or maybe the guidance was decisive and we were less so: giving up yet more felt hard, a rupture that would upend our whole system of self-care and wellbeing.

At some point, maybe after the work of these many other wavespells which curved each time in an arc of surrender, we gave into the flow of earthly ascension, placed ourselves under a blade that like a skilled medical surgeon’s really only took out the last cells of cancer. In this way now we can truly heal to wholeness, an integration of the world beyond, the world within, and this world called Western civilization that is in some ways the cancer we need to excise.

As for reflections, we were attracted to situations that mirrored our own state of grace and bee-lined away from the distortions that would have painted us as grotesque. In other words, we protected ourselves from negative judgments, not wanting to be derailed on the steady steps upward, dedicated to a higher purpose which was to offer ourselves and our failings to the powers much greater than any human’s over us. We found out from a loving, parental divinity that where we may have judged ourselves and therefore others as wrong, ill-intentioned, we were simply hurting. Maybe the flash of a torn out heart was only to heal and bless it and have it replaced, sewn back in embroidery, so we can love more vitally from here on in.

are you my monkey