Blue Storm Tribe

In Mayan: Cauac

Left pinky toe

Action: Catalyze     Power: Self-Generation     Essence: Energy

Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to Red Moon

Analog (support and similar energy) to Yellow Sun

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to White Wind

Guide to some in the Blue Night, Blue Hand, Blue Monkey and Blue Eagle tribes

Blue Storm is one of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

Blue Storm is shown on the Mayan glyph as a circle of dense rain clouds emitting a bolt of lightning. The lightning line has its own round trajectory rather than a direct strike, an indication of the divine timing of all strokes of insight. Every blaze of transformation has to first circle through the cosmos to be blessed, and to pay homage to the spirit world. The dark spot within the cloud cover is the eye of the storm, the actual energy formed from the friction of ever increasing condensation, of water molecules compressed so tight they shapeshift into kinetic flames of fire. The eye of the storm is also said to be the place of peace, within the chaotic churl of the thunder and rain and wind force. The black circle at the tail of the lighting bolt is a similar anchor of calm – either earth’s globe itself or the center of ourselves receiving this catalytic transmission. It’s our material nature, our density and mass. We are a seed awaiting rain and the storm’s ability to clear the skies thereafter for sun. The lightning illuminates our need, cracks our defensive hull. We are shattered, then bathed and baptized by a downpour, letting our own tears of isolation melt into the sky’s own crying until we feel intermingled and no longer alone. Then we can flower in radiance.

Blue Storm lives in the order of the Tzolkin count on the eve of Yellow Sun, and is described as the transformation of the sky from the gray overcast of gathering clouds back to pure sunlight and heat. Without the storm, we would have a constant fog of denial, live in an ominous haze. The density of cloud cover starts to weigh on our heads, heavy in our minds, and dims the full spectrum of color that we need to inspire our lives. Yellow Sun is as easy to identify as the sketches children make of its wide smile: joy, ease, warmth.

When we enter Blue Storm time or encounter Blue Storm people, we may initially resist the intensity of the swirling winds, the cataclysmic rumbles of thunder, lightning lashes and the deluge of rain. We can liken these meteorological surges with moodswings, phases of temperament: the rants, the rage, and grievous tears. We want the happiness and ease of a sunny day, an expression of peace, and the Blue Storm moment is uncomfortable reminder of all opposite emotions.

But so is the energy of denial – that torpor when feelings are suppressed and stagnant. We don’t know what we feel, just notice pressure, confusion, dullness. We can’t see clearly, or think creatively, but are stuck in paralysis, depression. The key to Blue Storm’s clamor and chaos is to truly understand its necessity in clearing the sky. It’s not the Blue Storm that makes the sky gray and the sun gone. Rather Blue Storm expends its own divine energy to relieve the bland stasis of many. Its mission is to intensify the denial until it cracks under its own pressure and the many layers of emotion beneath it are freed.

So it makes sense that Blue Storm people, days, wavespells and years – because every fourth 13 Moon year holds this teaching – are emotionally vast and full of fast-moving changes. There is the initial explosive exasperation with its aspects of fiery anger, then the frustrated tears that spill over in that simmering heat. Later comes the softer crying of released tension – the heart of the grief we all hold – and finally the last breaths and light winds that push the shadows away until there, again, is light. The Blue Storm holds the expression of vital change for all of us, is often the transformer of our own hidden pain. It stands before us and reacts to our checked feelings, embodies our own grief from its first stage of denial until our eventual liberation into peace as the sun returns. The Blue Storm moment and those birthed through its energy are a gift of needed transformation.

Blue Storm people can learn  how to maintain their center so that change can come from the within the stillness of the storm’s eye. They can also teach those around them to find that little pocket of peace within the maelstrom of emitted emotions. However, Blue Storm‘s true power is encouraging change to be dramatic, quick, memorable, and ultimately in the name of enlightenment. Resistance to Blue Storm only adds more denial to the gathering clouds, which heightens the molecular friction, making the storm itself ever bigger. The approach to Blue Storm can be either seeking shelter or soaking in its downpour. We each have different needs at different instances, whether to go deep into the pelting rain or to sit it out behind our defensive walls. Thinking of children and their innate openness, we can remember how rainy days became wet playgrounds amid gushing streams, muddy embankments, and the thrill of counting off the thundercloud’s distance after a lightning flash. It is encouraged, then, that we give ourselves over to the raw life force and high velocity transformation of the storm as if we were partners in its swirling, spiraling dance step.

Blue Storm’s action – its direction in life – is to catalyze, that alchemy of making distinct change. Like a cartoon superhero in flight, it uses its extreme force and high altitude isolation from earth’s surface reality to move stifling, suffocating energies out of the way of the sun’s beaming good times. Being the catalyst means never really resting, always on the go to the next dark crime scene. The Blue Storm is drawn wherever there’s denial, the absence of color and clear light, and it can’t bask long in its accomplishment of open skies. We know visually that when the sun and the storm do briefly intermingle, a rainbow is born, but only so briefly before either element rises in power. Blue Storm people, then, are more attracted to stagnant situations and fixations than sunlit ease, all smiles. They are drawn by their fate to rescue those in depression, in low self-worth, and even unenlightened ignorance. Their temperament is so catalytic, powerful, that they seek others’ walls of defense – wounds thick with scar tissue and old habit patterns of self-loathing – in order to expend their monumental energy surges. It makes sense that Blue Storm people start revolutions or restore dignity to the downtrodden – because with relative ease and efficiency, they can.

Blue Storm’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is self-generation. A storm itself needs only condensation and cloud density to create the friction of clashing molecules and its ultimate output of thunder, lightning, rain. Because it is culled from a critical mass of water, as soon as the water returns to earth the storm has no existence except in the ethers. In other words, Blue Storm people are often invisible, drawn to spirit matters, to god reverence and other heavenly ideals. They are seen and heard only when their service is required to help vaporized water find its return to earth. This is all important metaphor: Blue Storm’s service is to help the emotions that have risen high into our mind – instead of living earthen in our bodies – find their way back to the lower chakras. This means a passage through the heartfelt expression of grief – and ensuing relief. Self-generation only supposes that a Blue Storm is self-reliant, willing to stand alone in this cause of emotional embodiment. In order to promote self-care along this path of bringing emotional catharsis to the world, Blue Storm people need to constantly relocate their center, their inner eye, the expansiveness of the soul inside their own passionate bodily experience.

Blue Storm has the essence of energy. The extent of Blue Storm’s material density is water – or emotion. Storms have no earth particles except when they touch down on the planet through their tears. They are air, water, some pricks of fire, but resolutely – and sometimes in loneliness – well above the superficiality of earth’s surface life. What they lack in hard mineral content, or steadiness and grounding, they gain in pure energy. They are stimulants, spirals, vortexes and transformative portals, always in motion. They energize their environments and understand the alchemy of energetic change. They have energy to give, are sustained by the energy they generate. They vibrate – and if you feel it spilling out of them, their excess heat, light, essence. Blue Storm people are inspirational for their commitment to the energy world over the limiting material one, can see and sense the unseen realm and its deep influence on what we call reality. They are often energy workers, then, offering energy medicine that clears one’s own clouds of despair.

Blue Storm is antipodal, opposite, to Red Moon. As Red Moon is described as water, this antipodal exchange is dynamic: Red Moon feeds Blue Storm with the water molecules that Blue Storm then redistributes back to earth. Again, living in the rich metaphor of water as emotion, we can watch Red Moon’s feeling state – in the flow, always in motion – rise towards the sky in evaporation. This is like offering our intense emotions to Creator: see me in suffering, help me, relieve me. The Blue Storm is the alchemist, taking the intensity of our emotions through the phases of grief until it’s dissipated. The blessing we received from the divine in the sky is now a baptism of rain on earth’s soil. Our bodies are healed by the prayer we made for emotional release. Red Moon people can turn from Blue Storm’s intensity, not wanting to rise so high from their worn riverbeds, but it’s their means for sacrament. Blue Storm needs Red Moon to start and end its act of divine alchemy, and can practice the art of flow itself, from the sky down to the stream.

Blue Storm is analogous, supported by Yellow Sun. The heat of the sun manifests the evaporation of water to form the storm in the first place. Blue Storm easily supports Yellow Sun by restoring clear skies, maybe even being the scapegoat of perceived suffering and darkness as compared to a sunny day. But Yellow Sun does have its gift to the storm: simply, when Yellow Sun arrives, Blue Storm gets to rest, withdraw, kinetically relocate to the next cloudburst. Finally, Blue Storm is able to gentle to softness and shape shift to invisibility. Storm and sun: a quintessential couple that allows all earth residents to shape their waking mood to the weather patterns.

Blue Storm has a mystical, occult relationship to White Wind. They dance – the energy of friction meets the elegant rise and fall of air currents. The wind moves the storm, the storm makes the wind visible with its layers of shadowy gray. There is such a profound heavenly exchange between these sky forces, both again superheroes that make monumental shifts in our earth reality without ever slowing to stillness. Rather they just move to the next weather center, arrive in tandem as hurricane, light rain, blizzard. White Wind people infuse the emotional transformation of Blue Storm with messages from spirit – making the grief deep with divinity. They inspire Blue Storm’s energy work with their access to angels and other heavenly creatures. Blue Storm in turn gives density, visibility, a tangible reality to White Wind’s consistently see-through and unrecognized power.

If you are guided Blue Storm, you are drawn to the raw intensity of an emotional upheaval that restores peace. You move away from stagnation and toward anything that will disrupt it. In some instances of your life, it means you embrace chaos and disturb your own equilibrium – sometimes too strongly to be sane or whole. With time, you can train yourself into the storm’s eye and follow its course through depression into bright sun, lighter moods, without getting caught in the maelstrom of turgid change. You are led by all experiences of swirling energy, from chakras to sacred sites to sexual passion.

Blue Storm people:

Jim C

Blue Storm people:

Jim Carrey, Blue Magnetic Storm

Ernest Hemingway, Blue Lunar Storm

Anais Nin, Blue Electric Storm

Jim Henson, Blue Self-Existing Storm

Keith Richards, Blue Overtone Storm (portal)

Drake, Blue Rhythmic Storm

Muhammad Ali, Blue Resonant Storm

Jackie Chan, Blue Galactic Storm

Princess Di, Blue Solar Storm

Peter Dinklage, Blue Planetary Storm

Lewis Carroll, Blue Spectral Storm

Brad Pitt, Blue Crystal Storm

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Blue Cosmic Storm (portal)