Blue Night Tribe

In Mayan: Akbal

Right ring finger

Action: Dream     Power: Abundance     Essence: Intuition

Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to Red Skywalker

Analog (support and similar energy) to Yellow Warrior

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to White Mirror

Guide to some in the Blue Hand, Blue Monkey, Blue Eagle and Blue Storm tribes

Blue Night’s glyph shows curtains opening to a hearth, the entrance of sacred shelter. Coals burn, and conical horns turn inward to show the influx of spiritual communication. We receive information from the divine realms through our third eye, our crown chakra, and let it feed the fire of our hearts. As with the very similar Blue Monkey glyph, Blue Night is almost exclusively influenced by inner listening and free imagining of other levels of existence. Blue Night celebrates intuition, how we can attune to the grandeur of the unseen world and let it guide and benefit our movement through this planetary reality.

Blue Night also relates to the dwelling we call home. As our body houses our soul, so our home shelters our body. When our body is safe from harm – from predators, the elements, the unrest of being in defense against nature’s challenges – it can relax into deep sleep. If we are homeless, we are deprived that languor and rejuvenation, are forced to stay guarded and alert against potential attack. The truest gift we can receive as humans is the security to become loose and undefended, to rest in peace. We need this revitalization for a third of our lives – the average eight hours of a night’s sleep. In our sleep, we dream – we enter the Dreamtime. Blue Night is then a celebration of dreaming, of the source of our intuitive awakening. We lay our bodies down, and our soul floats out into the surreal mythology of a dreamscape. We are freed from physical limitations – can fly, die and be resurrected, shape shift and time travel. From this grand nocturnal adventure of expansion and liberation, we awake rested and recharged.

Blue Night is so consequential to the Maya, it comes just after the days celebrating the divine feminine and masculine deities we are born from. Sacred mother, inspiring father, Dreamtime awakening. We may have forgotten to revere our dreams as real, and for their surreal teachings. We may think of sleep as an absence of life, a void between busy days, and all the reverie we encounter in our dreams just fanciful imagination run wild. Blue Night is the remembrance of every night being a reconnection to our larger self, our everlasting one.

Blue Night people are the entrance to the Dreamtime. They exist in this world of surreal occurrences, of non-sequential unfolding. For them, life is but a dream. They view the waking world without being fettered by logic, or the pressing concern that things should make sense. They see easily, with their inner vision and listening, the soul self of others, and for what their heart burns. If a soul doesn’t leave its body freely to travel in the unseen realms, it will limit its expansive nature and become caged, despondent. Blue Night people encourage the exploration of other dimensions, the realness of them, as well as championing us to bring the Dreamtime journeys into this planetary sphere, making the world less linear and gridlocked in rationality.

Blue Night people also, simplistically, love home and creating shelter from life’s turbulence. It can be through healing modalities, offering a refuge where intuition flows freely, but as much it’s in the beauty of a house where all are welcome to rest and feel safe from the predatory nature of a modern existence. The Blue Night tribe invites us to find our true homes, by example. If it’s relocating from another country or landscape to one that holds greater affinity for us; if it’s wanting to reshape the world so that none are homeless or at risk for the ill effects of restlessness; if it’s opening our hearts – our hearths – so that any can enter who need rehabilitation: Blue Night people push for all to come home to themselves.

Blue Night people are intuitive, deeply listening to feed the fire of their own hearts. They open the doors of their lives so others can warm, can listen to the spirit voices passing through. They are guided by this divine input to create an atmosphere of healing and homecoming. They are beacons, embers gleaming through pitch dark nights so weary travelers can find shelter. They are physically strong, well-built houses rather than shanties or in shambles. They are also bright minded, so infused with divine inspiration. They remind us of the necessity of this focus on staying open to an eternal flow, rather than being busied, burdened by the million details of a modern life. Instead, we need to live daylight hours in this consensual linear reality of planet Earth, then ascend into the slipstream of our night dreams where we are liberated into layered dimensions of time and space and the interplay between.

Blue Night’s action – its direction in life – is to dream. We are accustomed to two levels of dreaming, day and night. The daydream is wishfulness and imaginative prayer, a reverie for what might be or a remembering of what was. Nocturnal dreaming has less cognitive order and control, consumes us with karmic unfolding as we sort relationships to other souls and the divine source. We might prefer the childlike wonder of living dreamily through a day than entering the chaotic unfolding of our nocturnes, but Blue Night people show us how to trust the positive freedom of moving past dreams of want, of wishing, and into dreams of pure transformation, clearing and reconciliation. The nighttime dream is the actualization of our daytime yearning, offering all angles of necessary upheaval towards the resolutions we seek. Blue Night people live as though in the Dreamtime, allowing mystery and incongruity, odd happenstance and even shock, terror, to help clear obfuscations against our waking ease and joyfulness. Blue Night people live for the reality of dreaming, for the validity of the ethereal world, for the surrealism of slipping off to sleep and into an eternal life.

Blue Night’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is abundance. Blue Night people are embodied and know how to create a vital life on earth. While they are dreamers, they anchor their soul journeys in their hearts, their body cavities. They are able to travel so far because there is a home to return to that’s being treated with care and consideration, that it needs rest without running overtime. With this attention to their physical health, they can manifest qualities of abundance – anything from ease of wealth to a warm and peaceful home environment. Early in the Tzolkin’s unfolding, Blue Night offers us all the foundation of a sound body, a stable home so that we can launch a life on earth and a cycle through the other archetypes from health. Abundance can sound like money, but it’s more efficient to imagine it as what the money brings, omitting our concern for the middleman. The power of abundance is to have what we need to rest and enter the Dreamtime, so in simplest terms it’s a roof, walls and a secured door. In our modern living, it’s a life with the amenities we individually need to be calm and at ease so that our psychic faculties stay open to sacred messages, our intuition working as a sixth sense to support our further spiritual awakening.

Blue Night has the essence of intuition, the ability to sense resonances that are beyond physical and for the Maya are drafted in their hieroglyphic code as a curved inward horn, the inner ear of listening and attention to what the divine offers as guidance and reassurance. The Blue Night tribe can masterfully see and sense the illusory world, one that is at heart filled with light, just as a film reel is Technicolor projected along a bright beam. They are guides through and guardians of the Dreamtime because they have select receptivity to larger divine influence, and it allows them to also see the continuum between REM sleep and walking through our waking life. Intuition is the access to the world of night dreaming while awake, decoding the symbols and greeting the karmic visitors that pass through.

Blue Night is antipodal, opposite, to Red Skywalker. The opposition always creates balance, and the relationship of Blue Night and Red Skywalker is a perfect example. Red Skywalker is the waking dream, when we are just barely tethered to earth by our root system, as with corn, the Mayan origin for this modern rendition of one who reaches for the sky. We are propelled into the ethers for spirit messages that will act as prophecy and feed the people. Red Skywalker dreams all day, to balance the Blue Night’s Dreamtime reverie. Together, they invite an eternal dream state and all its challenges to a stable, linear lifetime. They invoke the surreal experience of accessing other dimensions, lifetimes, archetypal odysseys instead of being focused and fixated on everyday life on earth. Blue Night people can be challenged by Red Skywalker because it pushes them to stay in their expansive state of surrealism longer than usual. Red Skywalker, too, would like a corn stalk take the nighttime to diminish its growth and be still. Reciprocally, Blue Night and Red Skywalker catapult each other into wilder, freer journeying through the dreamscape of our psyche.

Blue Night is analogous, supported by Yellow Warrior. A warrior is always leaving realism when entering the battlefield. There is nothing everyday about techniques for murderous combat. We are in turn like warriors when we face some of the unresolved horror that stirs in our psyche from ancient lifetimes and childhood experiences of wounding. The fearless dreaming we enter at night is supported by our Yellow Warrior nature, our shielded defense system that keeps our vulnerability protected and impenetrable. The ways we have to fight in the world – sometimes on this level of reality and more often on the paranormal one – are supported by our realization of the Dreamtime threaded through our cellular, earthen experience. If we can sense with our intuition the attack forces, the guardians, that occupy the invisible world, we can beat back the adversaries and embrace the angelic agents of support. We can fight with focus, defending the territory of our hearts.

Blue Night has a mystical, occult relationship to White Mirror. Blue Night takes us into a world where there are no walls, borders, limits. We are afloat in an experience where time shifts and shapes shift and we bounce nonsensically through different ages of our lives and of all of existence in order to reweave disharmony in our psyche, in the collective psyche of all of creation. White Mirror, too, takes us out of cogent rational limitation and in recalling the human sacrifice ritual of the ancient Maya, breaks our hearts open in order to give them more wholly to the gods. We enter a form of murderous death in order to enter heaven and be held by its eternal peace. The ego’s control, seeking to avoid death at all costs, is the only true sacrifice made. So each of these archetypes moves us into looser terrain than logic, and asks of us trust that the root of our life experience on earth is in the eternity of our soul. In White Mirror we defy the mental constructs that deny its existence, and in Blue Night we uphold our new faith in our soul self by exercising it in the Dreamtime for hours of each earth day. Blue Night people are exposed to sacrifices, also to glorification, and White Mirror people are often chosen as sacrificial victims because they already, innately live in the heavenly level of dreaming.

If you are guided by Blue Night, you are impressed by the dreams of your nightlife; they stoke the fire of your heart. You are drawn towards the intuitive arts and trust psychic phenomena as real. You are willed toward certain security – a beautiful, stable home and health in your body – but you are as much able to catapult yourself into reveries of creating an earth life that greater resembles the landscape of dreaming. You want for less than many others with such astral aspirations – you aim for solidity of coming home comfortably at the day’s end and being able, then, to restfully enter the expanse of the Dreamtime for more inspiration and adventure.

Blue Night people:

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Bruce Lee – Blue Resonant Night

George Harrison – Blue Galactic Night (portal)

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George Orwell – Blue Planetary Night

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