Blue Hand Tribe

In Mayan: Manik

Right middle toe

Action: Know     Power: Accomplishment     Essence: Healing

Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to Red Earth

Analog (support and similar energy) to Yellow Human

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to White Wizard

Guide to some in the Blue Night, Blue Monkey, Blue Eagle and Blue Storm tribes

Blue Hand is one of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

Blue Hand is shown in the Mayan glyph as opposable fingers and the thumb curved to meet them – the grip that handles tools and makes things manifest (from manos, for hand). The hand-eye coordination needed to work with fine details is served by a wide-open bull’s eye at the glyph’s other corner. Blue Hand is an exploration of the meridian lines between the brain center and the far reaches of our fingers. It’s true that all avenues between the mind and outer extremities of our hands pass through the heart, so it’s not to say that Blue Hand is an entirely cerebral archetype – yet visioning, and honing insight into manifestation, is a key teaching of this time.

Blue Hand is of course about manual dexterity, the ability to make things, create with one’s hands, build and shape and contort both with tools as well as without – the hands themselves the means to accomplishment. Blue Hand is always a wide open channel to making art, the ancient habit and necessity of crafting the essentials of home and work: sewing, weaving, making implements that help the farm or hunt, creating adornment with beads, feathers, shells, gemstones. When we are in Blue Hand, through calendar cycles or our birth, we want to work with our hands to make things that clearly come from our own creativity, self-expression through fine art, careful use of our sensitive fingertips and the strength of our grip. Notice the art projects that have stalled in other Mayan cycles, and see yourself drawn now to their completion, your imagination and appetite for hands-on activity both stimulated.

This is a reckoning, then, of the eyesight, the insight, depicted in the Blue Hand glyph. We see clearly, wide open, are given visions that direct our hands to work. From the raw materials before us, we see the potential art expression, the tool that solves a problem of exhausting labor. We are given a picture of future accomplishment, intuitively, then bend with our keen physical eyesight to complete the project, phase by phase of scrutinizing our work, squinting at the details and mechanical obstacles along the way. Again, the mind is engaged, the brain and hands in dialogue, puzzling out the riddle, reasoning with the challenges we encounter in matching the original dream with something our hands can produce in finished form.

Blue Hand people are living this challenge every day of their lives: the vision, a spark of an idea that they hunger to manifest. They are replete with imaginings, riveted by actualizing what burns in their mind’s eye. They are heady, visionary with this wide-open third eye that is centered in our mind to inform all the decisions and computations the brain chews on and ultimately directs the rest of the body to enact. The Blue Hand impulse is to transmit psychic awakening – the information from the other-world of dreams, imagination, heavenly forces – into embodied creation. They spend a certain amount of time receiving the feed from on high through their mind’s eye, then diligently work long hours, days, a lifetime, to make the dream reality with busy hands.

Blue Hand people are healers, too, not always pressured to make something tangible as much as to make something better. They might be literal fix-it tinkerers, resurrecting broken parts into recycled renewal, or use this same image to help someone fragmented by trauma come into spiritual, emotional and/or physical wholeness. Their hands are alive with vibrational connection to the all-seeing eye of Creator, channeling wellness, heat, life force that comes through the highest chakras into their hands – extensions, again, of an open heart. Touch itself is one of the greatest cures for any ailment – especially as we discover that bodily breakdowns come from pain of exclusion, abandonment, alienation, or being abused by another’s hand. Blue Hand offers a counterbalance of compassionate, deeply present, god-infused warmth and radiance – unconditional acceptance offered in an open palm, or insistent anchoring gestured with pressed fingertips. When we receive the touch of Blue Hand, we awaken to the need of being handled with care.

Blue Hand people want to get their hands on what stirs them visually and in the passionate impulses of their heart. The artist temperament, driven by muses, infatuations, fantasies, lustful hunger for making dream imagery tangible, serves Blue Hand to reach for what they see and like. They are called to check things out with their hands – art materials, nature’s textures, and what another human would feel like in connective warmth. The mind can scrutinize every discovery their hands make, assess and decide whether to keep the touch intact. There is such a direct interplay between vision and outreached fingers that the lower chakras can be forgotten – unless hands are led to those more rooted regions, and even into the earth’s soil itself. Those with a Blue Hand birth assignation are of course gifted in using their heart-extensions for making love a physical tremor of kundalini force.

Blue Hand’s action – its direction in life – is to know. The eye has an idea, and the hands reach out to confirm or deny, to gather tactile information. It’s entirely different than being a watchful observer, a reticent voyeur. Rather, it’s hands-on and hands in the sensual experience, feeling with inquisitive touch the shapes and contours, weight and content of the landscape of earth life. Blue Hand threads the outer world experience to the inner world awakenings, as well, using what is felt with fingers to add new dreaming to its imagination. ‘Now I know,’ because it was felt, verified, made real. And, conversely, Blue Hand has such deep inner knowing, it can reach fearlessly toward products and projects that others would withdraw from. Blue Hand’s visionary eye assures them they will not get broken or burned.

Blue Hand’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is accomplishment. In any collective, Blue Hand people know how to get things done, and inspire the completion of a group project just by holding this empowerment of the finishing touch. Remember the word origins of ‘manifestation’ – essentially the festival of the hand, the celebration of what a hand can create and make real. Blue Hand people are driven to accomplish – turning the initial image gained from an inner eye into an outwardly recognizable finished product. Accomplishment is easier for them then doing nothing. Idle hands make a psychosis of unfulfilled destiny.

Blue Hand has the essence of healing. The work of creation, for them, assures their own health and vitality. Their manifestations act as tools to heal others – whether they are actual methods for curing the sick and lame, or art pieces that inspire others to imagine and real-ize their own dreams. Further, Blue Hand people can heal through direct hands-on contact, the teaching of touch as an outreach of both the heart and the divine wisdom that comes from intuition. Blue Hand, as body- or energy-worker, is a gifted channel of the god’s eye watching over all of us. Simultaneously, they fuel the warmth of their hands with love from their hearts – holy or heavenly, as well as entirely human.

Blue Hand is antipodal, opposite, to Red Earth. Blue Hand’s upper chakras of divine insight and expression are balanced by Red Earth’s root system and hot molten transformation. Digestion, procreation, even dumping waste downwards for composting and regeneration – this is Red Earth’s gift. Blue Hand doesn’t dig as deeply into the belly’s organs, or the earth goddess’s dark womb – it’s attracted to flashes of light, ideas and visions, and the dynamic whirlwind of making them real. Red Earth’s slow and constant journey around the sun is a circular completion, an accomplishment in time and space, but it doesn’t necessarily yield a physical result. Blue Hand balances and challenges Red Earth people to get something done, make a nameable, tangible finished product. Red Earth, in turn, informs Blue Hand with lower chakra desires and motivation – strengthening their artistic output as well as their healing power to involve the appetites that come from our sexuality, sense of physical survival, and acceptance of death and decay as it is held in soil, fertile ground, then for rebirth.

Blue Hand is analogous, supported by Yellow Human. Yellow Human is shaped into autonomy by its ability to use its mind’s eye and hands to make tools for survival. This pits our species against much more ferocious predators and pushes us, in fact, to the top of the food chain. A monkey, our last evolutionary stage, doesn’t know how to over millennia fashion a Smart Bomb or even an arrowhead. For all the destruction human hands have rendered, we are likewise beholden to Blue Hand healing as a balm for our guilt and remorse. Blue Hand supports Yellow Human’s undoing of all this excessive force, the backside of giving it such rampant supremacy over other species. Likewise, Yellow Human’s emerging humility, nobility, can support Blue Hand people in dedicating their lives – their hands – to acts of healing, not hurt or hate.

Blue Hand has a mystical, occult relationship to White Wizard. Blue Hand’s inner eye, that visionary connection to a great god’s eye, is informed by the connection to White Wizard’s shamanic mastery and access to the Dreamtime. Otherwise, the round, open eye of the glyph would be a guileless gaze into our literal earth reality. White Wizard’s ability to make metaphysical magic into potent cellular healing – removing energy blockages that in turn cure disease – is an enchantment that involves the willingness to move penetrating insight into physical transformation. A shaman uses his hands to make healing balms, as well as to rub them into injuries.

If you are guided Blue Hand, you are led by the irrepressible desire to accomplish, to gain knowledge by moving outward in the world and hand-testing the theories that live in your mind’s eye. You want to see and sense healing. You want to make things with your hands, and from your heart.

Blue Hand people:

Brian Eno – Blue Magnetic Hand

Johnny Depp – Blue Lunar Hand

Donald Trump – Blue Electric Hand (portal)

Karl Marx – Blue Self-Existing Hand (portal)

Frank Zappa – Blue Overtone Hand

Les Paul – Blue Rhythmic Hand

Virginia Woolf – Blue Resonant Hand

Adolf Hitler – Blue Galactic Hand 

Kellyanne Conway– Blue Solar Hand

Yo Yo Ma – Blue Planetary Hand

Richard Pryor – Blue Spectral Hand

Woody Guthrie – Blue Crystal Hand

Leonard Peltier – Blue Cosmic Hand