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Pulse – Realize – Intention

How do I attain my purpose?

The Solar moon is the eighth of 13 in a 365-day solar cycle that begins July 26 with the rise of Sirius at dawn. In the first, Magnetic moon we discovered our purpose for the entirety of this 13 Moon year. In the second, Lunar moon we identified the challenge within our purpose, the obstacle we have to integrate or overcome to reach our divine intent. In the third, Electric moon, we felt the presence of the god force fill the distance and discord between our purpose and challenge. In the fourth Self-Existing moon, we were shown specifically what form our service would take, the foundation for the temple this year represents. In the fifth, Overtone moon we were given the empowerment to move our vision upward, and in the sixth, Rhythmic moon, we developed a cadence to pace ourselves in our deep work of this year. In the seventh, Resonant moon we attuned ourselves to the divine world for a moment of inspiration and regeneration. In the eighth, Galactic moon, we integrated the Resonant channel we received with everything we had initiated in the first six moons of the year, creating harmony within and without. This process of growth into harmony and integrity over the initial eight moons of the year is the necessary preparation we needed for the moment at hand.

In the ninth, Solar moon, we are finally clear enough – connected to higher mind, cleansed of our egoic tendencies – to make a wish, a bid to Creator, for what we would like to accomplish in this year’s arc. This ritual care – so many moons of readying oneself before daring to put a prayer out to the universe – is one of the most demanding and rewarding aspects of following the wavespells of Natural Time. In the Gregorian New Year’s, as well as many New Age trends, we are encouraged to set our intention at the onset of the year, or as soon as the idea of accomplishment pops into our head. If we haven’t really emptied ourselves into the darkness and scarcity of Winter Solstice, we are probably not ceremonially prepared to invoke strong beams of white light when January rolls around, which is why New Year’s resolutions often fail to materialize as sustained life change.


Likewise, when we meditate with intention on what we would like to invite into our lives, we are often apt to wish for things that would bring greater comfort and ease. Sometimes our prayers sound more like a Christmas list for Santa than invocations of enchantment and transformation. The New Age culture is experiencing growing pain as much as our government, our economy and the continental ice masses dissolving into the sea. We are being asked to discern between the profound soul teaching that will strengthen us in changing times, and self-centered spirituality which is at worst another form of consumerism.

The 13 Moon wavespell that builds to a crest then breaks apart is a reflection back to the ancient ways of being magical and medicinal. It is the path to shaman/sorceror from novice initiate. We must sacrifice before we can attain the hero’s treasure, face loss and darkness in order to be refilled with enlightenment. The gains that come with enduring and transcending the challenges we face in this arc of time-travel are not material in nature. If we amass anything it is solely to give most of it away. This is demonstrated in the pure imagery of a waveform: it builds to a peak, mountainous and dense with taut force and escalating energy – until the surge ultimately spills over on itself in celebratory chaos, its strength and ascendance crashing back to sea level.


We learned along the warrior path of the first eight moons of the year not to hold onto things, but to stay loose, connected to the divine, and humble because while we kept encountering the confines of the ego we were also given tools and skills for cutting ourselves free. We now know in consciousness the difference between working towards the greater good or our own self-interest, primarily because the gods would only support our efforts when they were in service to collective humanity – or even the totality of all creation and the souls it comprises. We have been purified in this process, distilled to being helpful not harmful, and thereby deeply in alignment and harmony with the whole. This arduous weeding out of selfishness – moving against the grain of societal greed and instinctual self-preservation – was the work of the year, and we did it, a true harvest of coming into community and communion with the divine.

Now – from this ascending motion of self-actualization – we can make wishes that are on the one hand just and true, and the other specific to the kind of manifestation we are suited for. We are currently so deeply strung to our godhead from our repeated awakenings to its power, we know what to ask for and what could realistically be given in answer. So we cultivate informed intention – not manic hunger for instant change, but a clear pulse between ourselves and our guides, revealing an action that will move us toward manifestation. We are not even asking for an outcome as much as the permission to move our true gifts (meaning, what we’ve been given, not manufactured ourselves) into the world arena so that we may touch and aid those who need them.


The intention, really, is towards mastery. May I please step higher in service, and may I be shown the way there that is most direct, with godspeed? In this way, the Solar moon is indeed a ray of light that we want to ride into deeper connection with the sun source. We are a home-seeking solar flare trying to unite with the center of this circle of planets and stars. We are in turn asking for the solar power to bless our journey, purify our offering of self, so that we can deliver enlightenment and heat to the world. We have been in darkness, and inevitably will return to explore it once more, but now we are starkly, sweetly in light.

The Solar moon is close to the pinnacle of our 13 Moon wave peak. It precedes the highest point – that’s the next, Planetary­ moon – and is an instrumental force in getting us to the last hurrah stage of the wave’s arc. It’s that jubilant realization that we’re almost there, that the work of rising above our pain, through revisitation of suffering and completion of karma, is paying off. We’re getting the clarity of the view from above, and even so our vision is now trained on the mountaintop more than the valley floor. We feel a familiar elation, the speed of the wave’s spin pushing more easily into higher realms – quite unlike the slow, turgid initiation of the year’s beginning when we moved from below-sea level swells and started the hard push against the gravity that restricts us to planetary realms.


In the Solar moon, the pulse is quick like light, like our culture’s supersonic internet access and the digital strobes that create on-line existence. We move at warp speed 24/7 the whole year-round in these modern times, and it exhausts and depletes us. Returning to the arc of Natural Time would revert us to slowing and deliberating most moons of the year, with this Solar moment as an exception and revelation of bright flames of impulse and intention.  For this fast and fleeting moment, feel alignment with the world wide web of human life and send your request to the gods for a special service assignment to help the interconnection of all people.

The Solar moon is a time when we realize our intention, are awakened to it. We also make it real, in the alchemy of interacting with the sun and its empowerment of all life forms. The interactions we have with our guides, gods and the solar center of our universe will come fast and frequently, through the darkness of great distances, in this time of bright illumination and the pulse of light.