Yellow Spectral Warrior

11.15.21 – Day 11/13 of the White Worldbridger Wavespell – Overtone Moon 1

The Overtone Moon begins today, ushering us toward winter darkness and the quietude demanded of the season with a spark inside only getting hotter, brighter. Every year at this time we feel our annual wavespell lift off in described qualities of empowerment and radiance even as the Northern Hemisphere milieu is colder, days are shorter, personal solar power is limited. We feel the losses of light physically, but in the spirit world we are ignited with force and directivity. That’s Overtone energy, lifting us up and off the surface of reality towards entrance into the holy atmospheric heavens. On a functional level, the hard work of the 13 Moon wavespell’s inception – an invigorating Magnetic Moon, a limiting Lunar one, the tactical preparation that is demanded in the Electric and Self-Existing Moons – pays off. Now we run with what has been arduously and carefully put in place. We had to be slowed and considerate for the first four stages, but in the fifth Overtone moment, it’s go time. The acceleration might upset your equilibrium, but it will carry you through the inevitable ascent of the next four moons and the wave’s highest peak.