Yellow Spectral Star

11.17.19 – Day 11/13 of the White Mirror wavespell – Overtone Moon 3 *

Well, it seems like we’ve finally hit the epicenter of tension, trepidation and personal undoing. Probably some relationships on the rocks, too, as a by-product. If you get through these next couple of days, though, you’ll have succeeded in weathering the six stacked wavespells of consistently challenging themes and learning curves, all upped to a stratospheric gale-force weather system by Mercury Retrograde. White Mirror folds, bends to today’s Yellow Star, but maybe we’ll have to fall apart in Spectral release as part of the sacrificial intent of this passage. Tomorrow, cooperation and purification – and after that a day to celebrate being one with the cosmos and the power of love. On 11.21.19, we begin the second half of the Tzolkin, notably lighter in theme – 0ne can hope.