Yellow Lunar Human

4.25.21 – Day 2/13 of the Blue Monkey Wavespell * Planetary Moon 22

The Blue Monkey wavespell is absolutely about childlike play, an escape from seriousness and adult responsibility. It’s a regression to our wild imaginations and blind innocence. Like a monkey. It’s also a time of magic – pure enchantment and also manipulated trickery. It feels good to have the refreshing fun and games after a long haul of hard work in the recent Tzolkin wavespells. It is absolutely important to go into the magickal realm offered and not miss out. This is play time, recess, a holiday vibe. And it’s primal in terms of an animal self taking us out of our heads and into our gangly monkey limbs and long fingers and toes – rarely touching the ground but so connected to the trees that channel between earth and sky.