Yellow Self-Existing Sun

5.23.21 – Day 4/13 of the Red Earth Wavespell * Spectral Moon 22

We are almost to the end of the Spectral Moon which is a lot like being almost to the end of our 13 Moon year. As early as it seems, you could start to adjust your expectations to what you can start or initiate between now and July 26 – not so much. Instead we just stay awake to the wind down, we take stock, we celebrate our growth and breakthroughs, we relax and let the summer season take us away. The Spectral Moon has undone some of the tension, the drive toward achievement, but it’s not that we can’t take action or get things done as the year concludes. It’s just likely it will be refining, putting on the finishing touches, working your way to the end of something that has already begun. Enjoy that clean, cruise of a process.