Yellow Self-Existing Human

7.14.21 – Day4/13 of the Red Moon Wavespell * Cosmic Moon 18

The Cosmic Moon is pushing us to be one with the cosmos, a natural conclusion to any year’s journey of hard work – like an endorphin high from exercise. We are also in relative stillness compared to the action-packed drama of the Blue Lunar Storm siege we’ve been through, and every wavespell has a variation on this storyline of fast-paced growth that concludes in the Cosmic tone’s break from so much active evolution. Enjoy the spaciousness and slowness – just days left before we wind up again and encounter the forceful, fateful blast of the new year’s Magnetic tone. The Cosmic Moon holds the typical pace of an open-ended summer season; the Magnetic Moon has the urgency of too much heat, when unscheduled freedom turns to the fretful impulse to get ready for a long, dark winter season. It’s harvest time after the final stages of agricultural bloom. So enjoy the bounty of everything you tended to all year, and know that another round of demanding – and illuminating – growth is set to arrive in days.