Yellow Rhythmic Seed

6.21.20 – Day 6/13 of the Blue Storm wavespell * Crystal Moon 23

The Blue Storm wavespell is forceful and intense. It is clarifying and catalyzing. It comes through to clean, clear and wake us. It’s also the last moments of the Crystal Moon, which marks the resolution of our year’s story arc, in many senses ‘The End.’ Perhaps your plotline, and the culture’s, will end with a bang, some drama stirred by the Storm. It’s possible the full Storm experience is mitigated by the cooperative nature of the Crystal tone, and also the expansive sunlight of the summer solstice. Fear not – we’re heading into a Blue Storm year on July 26, and it’s set in the Lunar tone of challenge. If you find this current Blue Storm iteration mild, that can’t be the case when we have a full rotation around the sun in the tribe of radical, undeniable upheaval.