Yellow Resonant Seed

1.2.21 – Day 7/13 of the White Mirror Wavespell – Rhythmic Moon 21

The Tzolkin is depicted as 13 columns with 20 days each, one for each of the 20 tribes. The central column of the Tzolkin – the seventh of thirteen – is called the Mystic Column. It’s the only column without any portal days. That would seem to indicate there is no portal energy for the whole 20-day run, but the reverse is true. It’s as if the entire central column is a portal, a channel running between heaven and earth. It’s just more nuanced than the portal days we color black, less dramatic. There’s a gentle, fluid and peaceful opening we enter when we get to this middle column, as if we’re moving in slow motion or the weightlessness of outer space. This is the physical experience of mysticism. We are just a few days in so see where you float off to in those that remain.