White Self-Existing Wizard

1.12.21 – Day 3/13 of the Blue Monkey Wavespell – Resonant Moon 3

Blue Monkey Genesis! That’s an old, old Arguellian term from the origins of Natural Time. There was a pseudo-board game called Dreamspell that Jose Arguelles invented, sort of like Dungeons and Dragons and also like a UFO manual. It spoke of the first 130 days of the calendar count – the Tzolkin – as the Red Dragon Genesis, initiated by the Red Dragon wavespell. The second 130 days start with the Blue Monkey wavespell, and we’re in that time now. The second half of the Tzolkin is less arduous in many ways. That seems accurate about Blue Monkey itself. I think of Red Dragon as birth, nurturance, the Great Mother of us all, and Blue Monkey is the child. We are shown life full of lessons through a mother’s eyes in the Red Dragon Genesis, and in the Blue Monkey Genesis we get to try things out on our own, a bit of independence and in some ways there’s less challenge, ever-arduous and demanding life lessons. So we’re in the Blue Monkey time, the wavespell, the Genesis, and we get to be childlike and playful for a while.