Yellow Resonant Human

11.11.21 – Day 7/13 of the White Worldbridger Wavespell – Self-Existing Moon 25

The White Worldbridger wavespell is the big metaphor for death. You hopefully are not having strongly literal exposure to death, although if that happens it has sacred and synchronistic nuances and could feel actually natural in this passage. But probably you can point to the small deaths that occur daily, routinely or accrue in a big, building crush. There is so much comfort in embracing the word death, the Death tribe, the allowance of endings. Most of us in a myriad of ways try to orchestrate some parts of our life to be neverending: in love, in material ease, in health, in beauty. Allowing death to overtake us, bathe and nurture us in the truth that everything we grasp is ultimately dispersed by one ending or another, soothes our fear and control and drops us into acceptance. All the buzz words for a more peaceful daily experience. White Worldbridger gives so much spaciousness and expansion for every egoic control-valve we have to release in this time. We’ll miss it when it’s gone.