Yellow Planetary Warrior

10.6.21 – Day 10/13 of the Blue Hand Wavespell – Electric Moon 17

The Blue Hand wavespell achieves its peak ascent, its maximal output, at the Yellow Warrior tribe. This indicates a characteristic of the Blue Hand tribe and people: your greatest strength and accomplishment, your ultimate pursuit and your everyday expression, is rooted in the good fight. Also just fighting: being positional, having a defense structure, constant re-con to assess others’ vulnerabilities and lots of semi-obsessive mulling over strategies, game plans, intended results. This fits so aptly with Blue Hand people I know, and there’s a parallel for all of us if we research the Planetary day of our tribe’s wavespell. We can discover what we manifest best and most readily, how we are both gifted and limited in the planetary experience – our earthly incarnation.