Yellow Planetary Sun

8.16.20 – Day 10/13 of the Blue Monkey wavespell * Cosmic Moon 22

I’ve had the realization in the recent days of the Magnetic Moon that whatever I may have told myself about this new Mayan year being potentially smooth and uplifting (perhaps formed of how things were developing in the prior year’s Cosmic Moon of presence, devoid of action and upheaval) – that was a childish fantasia or Blue Monkey mind. I am feeling adult seriousness return after this small reprieve in imagination and illusion, and the awareness of what a storm front is and how unavoidable its grandeur and impact is. It’s an endless summer of overheating under climate stress, but we’re bearing down on an apocryphal winter, metaphoric and literal. So it’s time to center, strengthen, and wake up, be watchful. The Blue Lunar Storm year’s moment of purpose is delivering this prophecy.