Yellow Planetary Star

11.27.21 – Day 10/13 of the Blue Storm Wavespell – Overtone Moon 13

The Blue Storm wavespell is at its peak. Can you feel the wild weather disturbances around you? Are you having breakthroughs from denial, resistance, any kind of pervasive slog or fog? These are Blue Storm indicators, at their highest pitch. Try to account for how you were unstoppable the past ten days, and how you were unstable, too. All of the sturm und drang is about to ebb, however, as we capitulate to Red Spectral Moon and the soothing flood of water that is the Blue Storm tribe’s antipode. A storm’s strength comes from a combustive mix of water and air – and fire! An alchemical explosion. What makes the storm swoon is a mass of one of these elements, instead of an unsteady mix of all three. And we’re heading into the day of water, the extreme influence of water, and the swells it brings to calm our nerves and mood. Therein Blue Storm has served its purpose, to transmute tension into tear-break that fills us with feelings, with life.