Red Lunar Skywalker

12.2.21 – Day 2/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell – Overtone Moon 18

Yellow Human is upon us – we get to see our species from the outside while being inside its Mayan designation. I think, if we follow this calendar, we are liberated from being human most of the time. We instead get to be animals and celestial bodies and weather fronts. We get to be specified roles in human culture that are rarified: the warrior, the shaman, the priest. But then we come home to our karmic embodiment of the human being, homo sapien, for 1/20th of the Tzolkin time. And after shapeshifting into other elements, other animals, we can suddenly assess what is special and different about our own species. One thing, we’re certainly smart, learned, honed in our ability to make real what our minds actively imagine. On the other hand, we can’t fly, can’t orbit the cosmos, can’t explode fire from water particles, can’t even shimmy up trees and swing from their branches. So the Yellow Human time is full of capability and accomplishment, but the concrete kind. Celebrate your know-how, your life experience that has taught you lessons, your wisdom from so much vast brain activity. And own the karma of our limitation as a species: that we are not particularly cosmic, not that important in the grandest scale, not invincible. We know so much because of trial and e