Yellow Planetary Seed

8.15.21 – Day 10/13 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell – Magnetic Moon 21

We’re back to our first Yellow Seed day since the Yellow Electric Seed year began. It’s been 20 days since July 26, and throughout this 13 Moon year, every 20 days we’ll return to the Yellow Seed tribe, called our ‘yearbearer.’ Every Yellow Seed day also initiates a new ‘vinal’ – a 20-day cycle through the tribes that the Maya used to favor over month-like moons as a way to count through their earth year. Wow, what a lot of space age concepts to parse! Think of the Maya dividing the 365-day year into 20-day months, called vinals. Every time it’s a Yellow Seed day, a new vinal begins. Every vinal has a poetic, mystical phrasing to describe it – and the one we enter today is ‘listens in silence.’ The vinal we just ended was the first of the year, ‘the one who knows.’ So we have the beginning of an odd, lyrical reflection in these two first vinals: the one who knows listens in silence. And that’s each of us. We are the ones who are coming to know, and now we must listen. *Please consider buying my colorful Natural Time Handbook if you want to track the vinals and their musings on your own.