Yellow Magnetic Warrior

6.28.21 – Day 1/13 of the Yellow Warrior Wavespell * Cosmic Moon 2

Bonus episode: the war is waged, watch your decibels of defense and reactivity. I had to throw another podcast up to reposition myself as this time of war begins. I am naturally inclined toward conflict and excessively defensive posturing, but to be in the homeland of the original archetypal warrior makes me want to be careful, clinical in battle – not flailing, not in full-scale artillery fire. I had someone start a fight with me on this first day and was reminded that people will be inclined that way for now. But there’s an opportunity if you follow the Tzolkin calendar to clarify your own draw toward conflict to be the ‘right fight’ for the cause you care most about. Don’t get confused and join every battlefront. Find the actual hill you would die on and see what service you can provide there. The honed in focus on what you care about – to protect, serve and defend – will make you stronger and survive the danger of the war-zone. Plus it’s the Cosmic Moon and I can feel it. Sink into the oneness with the cosmos we have earned after a year of growth in our sentient bodies, our life on earth.