Yellow Magnetic Warrior

10.11.20 – Day 1/13 of the Yellow Warrior wavespell * Electric Moon 22

It’s the final week of the Electric Moon and the good news is the farther we move from the beginning of the year, the less staccato and frenetic are our lives. We slip into greater comprehension of the fate we’ve attracted from the Magnetic Moon and are adjusting to the challenges identified in the Lunar Moon. In the Electric Moon, a divine intervention starts to fill the void we feel, the overwhelm is also mitigated by contact with a spiritual presence. We have a certain amount of accomplishment already beneath us as we more steadily rise on this growing annual wave. The Yellow Warrior wavespell is charged with the intensity of a soldier-at-arms, but it’s not a constant battle. It’s preparation for battle, readiness and reconaissance, also moving to toward a peak moment when we will face conflict. We’re heading for the the right fight, however – a cause for justice, a defense of the vulnerable – not cheap and marauding brute force.