Yellow Lunar Sun

6.17.20 – Day 2/13 of the Blue Storm wavespell * Crystal Moon 19

Mercury Retrograde has arrived. Check your patience levels with things breaking, feeling disrupted, communication breakdown and open relational conflict. It’s okay, not your fault – or theirs. It’s a time to endure, then transcend, like aspects of Natural Time that are more definitively Mayan. It’s the cosmos superseding human will. Which it does all the time, presumably, but right now is a pointed teaching on that truth. We have to surrender to a backwards motion and use the time to reflect, time travel into past experience and complete things we started long ago. It’s like a meta-quarantine, so we should be pretty familiar with the dynamic. Also the Blue Storm wavespell. Which precedes a Blue Storm year starting in 40 days. Use this moment to explore vibrant – and cataclysmic – energy surges, as well as anticipate a pretty fierce year – Blue Lunar Storm – fast approaching.