Yellow Galactic Seed

9.9.20 – Day 8/13 of the Red Earth wavespell * Lunar Moon 18

The Mayan year we’re in perfectly replicates 1968-9 and it’s interesting to see the parallels – some broader strokes of similarity and some that are particularly on point. 52 years ago big themes were space exploration, Vietnam war, assassination and protest – and the election of Richard Nixon. We can’t know how the immediate future will imitate the past, but we can certainly feel the Blue Lunar Storm year as churning, explosive and polarized, then and now. I think it’s worth notating, preparing ourselves for and perhaps spending time in ceremonial awe that the American election on November 3 is also Blue Spectral Storm. I can’t think of a worse implication in some ways – it will not be an easy day. It could be the most powerful, awesome breakthrough to serve the surrounding Red Moon wavespell of purification, but it could also be another hit of destructive, chaotic force that seems to break us wide open. Wide open implies release and ultimately receptivity, but sometimes at the cost of control, peace and ease. We shall see. Good to be together in consciousness for that significant transit.