Yellow Electric Seed

11.8.20 – Day 3/13 of the White Wind wavespell * Self-Existing Moon 22

Joe Biden was called out as winner of the presidential election on a Lunar day within a Lunar year. He is a Lunar person – White Lunar Worldbridger (a portal). He is guided by White Mirror – in some sense human sacrifice – and look at his life’s haunting familial catastrophes. In the White Wind wavespell, we all speak the truth instead of lies, and we can hear the words of spirit in each other’s communication. When I heard Joe Biden speak on Blue Lunar Night, I felt the truth of it, the weight of a truth many of us would have doubted or denied even days ago before this wavespell began: the soul of the nation and the salvation of our species demands that we heal. He is a White Worldbridger – always going to do that, reach across the aisle. But we can trust he is not an idiot, but an exemplar. He is a shaman in this White Wizard wavespell of 13 years. He is our elder. We have the choice to trust and respect his truth as something we need and should aim for.