Yellow Cosmic Warrior

12.15.19 – Day 13/13 of the Yellow Seed wavespell – Rhythmic Moon 3 *

I gave myself a lot of bandwidth to revive the Mayan prophecy surrounding December 21, 2012 in this podcast. It seems worth a mention and revisitation since humanity is going to hell after all. There was a failed letter grade assigned to the Mayan prophecy, branded the ‘end of the world’ by media hype but in actuality a celebration of the transition between epic ages, the completion of one 5,200 year calendar cycle and logically the beginning of another. People judged: nothing happened. But look around. It may be almost 7 years to the date after that benchmark, but the augury of apocalypse is discussed on the daily – not in the rearview at all. Also discussed with some cynicism: navigating the end of the Gregorian year when you’re a 13 Moon calendar believer. We’re not even to the midpoint of the Natural Time year, and with the Rhythmic Moon upon us, we’re essentially just getting to cruising altitude with a long journey ahead of us yet.