Yellow Cosmic Sun

8.31.21 – Day 13/13 of the Yellow Star Wavespell – Lunar Moon 9

It’s the end of the Tzolkin, a portal day. Tomorrow the next Tzolkin begins, also a portal. There’s a fluidity to this transit different than ending our solar year and celebrating the Day Out of Time. The Tzolkin is not demonstrating evolutionary change as much as marking our creative accomplishment. It is a calendar modeled after gestation in the womb, the most instinctual creation the human body produces. The Tzolkin cycle is a way to celebrate, honor, recreate our own original gestation, and to let the time flow inspire further processes that are life affirming, creative in the vein of Creator, and letting us release something deep within us into the outer world. In the Red Dragon wavespell to come, we see the birth of what was seeded 260 days ago, while simultaneously beginning a new creative endeavor – whatever karmically arises in the next few wavespells – that will come into being another Tzolkin cycle forward. Happy new sacred spin!