Yellow Cosmic Seed

3.28.21 – Day 13/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell * Solar Moon 22

We are transiting from the Yellow Human wavespell to Red Serpent, readying ourselves for the ten consecutive portal days that start Tuesday. The best approach to every growthful passage of the Tzolkin is to have spaciousness to your life – either from people or commitments or with time in nature – so you can let the intensity diffuse into openness and not bound up plans and complicated situations. As you enter the Red Serpent’s instinctual drive and fear-response proclivities, find your grounding to the earth, find the rock you can slide under for refuge. The portals ask us to examine for the last time something we’ve outgrown, are ready to shed. Be patient with yourself as you face your old skin and slough it off to emerge lithe and sensual once more.