White Wizard Tribe

In Mayan: Ix

Left pinky finger

Action: Enchant Power: Timelessness Essence: Receptivity

Antipode (opposite and balancing energy) to Yellow Seed

Analog (support and similar energy) to Red Serpent

Occult Power (mystical, magical energy) to Blue Hand

Guide to some in the White Wind, White Worldbridger, White Dog and White Mirror tribes

White Wizard is the fourteenth of the 20 archetypes to be celebrated by the Maya in their Tzolkin sacred count. The 20 day signs are represented on our fingers and toes, and the journey through their images tells a creation mythology. Each of us is born on a day of the Tzolkin, and belong accordingly to one of the 20 ‘tribes’ and its teachings. We may embody the ancient icon described in the Mayan stellae – the stone carvings of their temples – or relate to the modernized language of the Tzolkin as channeled by Dr. Jose Arguelles. Through emersion in the calendar count, we can find our own correlations between self and the core images of the day signs.  By meditating on the words, images, and our own perceptions of Tzolkin birth energy, we can find another awakening to ourselves and how we relate to the world.

White Wizard, in original Mayan lore, represented the jaguar, and more pointedly the Jaguar Shaman, the mystic who wore the coat of stars. The spots on the back of the fiercest jungle predator were felt to reflect the bright lights of the cosmos, so that the jaguar moved in the shadows as a beacon of heavenly light. The medicine man or woman who was linked to jaguar carried this astral access to the night sky, the cycles found there and the teaching of timelessness – that there are definitive calendars, cosmic orbits and rotations, but as they continue endlessly, one ending a new beginning, the stars themselves are emblems of eternity. To be covered in stars, under the jaguar pelt, is to have infinite knowledge and experience to draw from.

The glyph offers the all-seeing eye of Hunab K’u, the one giver of life or great Creator from Mayan mythology. That watchful, omnipotent and clairvoyant eye sees the universe, sees each of us. The three arcs offer versions of smiles – the divine messages that come from on high into our own consciousness. There are parted curtains at the bottom of the glyph, always representing the way our rational mind is opened to receive more transcendental information. It’s also a way of showing that we access the surreal world of the Dreamtime most routinely in our sleep, and the shelters of the Mayan civilization would have been little more than a hut with curtained door. This is a picture of our home, where we rest and are revived by spiritual infusion. Further, it is the home of the resident mystic priest who can empower you to receive direct aid and guidance from god.

White Wizard in modern understanding is a resurrection of indigenous, pagan healers and seers from all cultures, all times. It’s the person who bridges the unseen realm to the physical, earthen plane and shows that most ailments or afflictions can be assessed in energetic terms and treated with light streams as well as tonics and tinctures. We know of Merlin from Druidic tradition – the legends of King Arthur and deep Celtic spirituality – as well as the shamans of the ancient Americas, the witches of pre-Christian Europe, the wandering wisdomkeepers of India who spurned all comforts to be direct receptors of holy teaching. Any of these metaphysical faith healers are honored in this time, as well as the most modern incarnation of light workers, the wizard that you are in your meditation practice, prayerfulness, ability to channel and understand another world with your sixth sense of intuition.

Those born in the White Wizard time are of course of this ilk. They are natural mediums between sky and earth and specifically transmit the clear eye of the god force so that both illnesses and remedies can be seen. Their homes, auric fields, are natural places to seek rest, recovery, because White Wizard people are imbued with heavenly energy, that curtained portal into a sick bay where healing is assured. Their natural receptivity to Creator’s/creative power means that anyone in their care will also be infused with spirit messages, and, more potently, clear pulses of light that ward off the darkness that disturbs, is not organically our own but cast upon us as an interference from the outside. White Wizard people know how to identify the difference between our own pure spiritual resonance and the invasion of another’s – and can remove what blocks us, is not healthy for us, so we are again free to move comfortably in our own psychic skin.

It’s important to feel the difference between this assessment of a problem through the White Wizard’s eye and how the mind of modern civilization analyzes difficulty. The teaching of this time and through being born White Wizard is that everything is energetic – those thin curved lines of the glyph floating down from Hunab K’u. Every sickness can be treated, remedied, with imagination, meditation and intention: invisible cures to invisible – but palpable – pain. If your wrist hurts, it could be a sprain and require rest and a bandage, less repetitive stress on that joint; that’s a simple Western medicine diagnosis. For the enchantment of White Wizard, the first inquiry is what is the wrist telling us, indicating? How is it the manifestation of a spiritual message sent to us from the all-seeing god who wants to point our attention to true healing and awakening? White Wizard presumes everything to be related to a larger deity’s divine plan, and seeks to include us in that process of divination and spiritual discovery.

White Wizard’s action, direction in life is to enchant. The best description of that word includes the chant, the song, within it. A White Wizard knows spells, incantations, the right recipes for clarity and healing. They might naturally be poetic, old time spirituals coming through in song. They might lead us into trance, transcendence, with word and ceremony. The other part, though, is being threaded through with song themselves, encoded by the messages of Creator that are not linear discourses as much as reveries. The songlines of aboriginal Australia come to mind. A White Wizard holds a spiritual memory of so many incarnations, or beyond-carnal experiences where they were essence and closest to god, that they are filled with both literal chants, prayers and recitations as well as the stream of divine communication that exists outside words.

White Wizard’s power – its offering to strengthen us in turn – is timelessness. There is a funny earth reality to this, always being early or mostly late, the absent-minded professor who can’t adhere to artificial mechanisms like a clock or the 12-month calendar grid. What is the importance of starting and ending when in fact all of life is eternal and infinite, is both the presence of now and always was, always will be? To be timeless is not out of time, short on it, but to be without need of it as a concept. It’s a deep metaphysical space we drift into blissfully when we forget the past and also to plan for the future. White Wizard people are naturally acclimatized to this present tense, as well as seeing the broadness of ‘now’: it’s the last one hundred years, and the next, or even many current millennia. White Wizard is so ancient and enduring a perspective – the spiritual seers on earth helping others to open to infinite shades of darkness and light – it can remember and embody all of human existence and beyond. So to ‘be here now’ is deep, long-standing, untroubled by small wrinkles of confusion and chaos. The timelessness of a White Wizard people makes them never in a rush, and always aware of the circular nature of life’s passages.

White Wizard has the essence of receptivity. Looking again at the glyph, we see the way Hunab K’u floats messages from the heavens, into the curtained abode of the sorceror. We see, too, how the curtains are parted, inviting us in. White Wizard is receptive to god, to spirit communication, and is receptive to you, who need an emissary – when you are energetically or emotionally blocked – to help you find the way Creator is redirecting your life towards ease and comfort. White Wizard helps illustrate the process of healing, the place of pain within it, so you can trust the most benevolent outcome is on its way. This is your receptivity, imparted by the shaman in wisdom: that if you can see that life is always heaven-bound, in metaphor and in death, you can heal yourself agilely, redirect pain towards pure growth and self-emergence. The hardships don’t slow or deconstruct you, but help you strengthen and arise in grace. White Wizard people are the keenest teachers in how to receive what we are given, in trust and gratitude that it is in truth a blessing.


White Wizard is antipodal, opposite, to Yellow Seed. While Yellow Seed is focused on growth on earth, synchronizing with the four elements and procreating, blooming, so that masses can be fed or beautified by its abundant presence, White Wizard is devoted to the non-sentient forms of reality. Together they create balance and harmony because the best form of nutrients, nurturance, is when a seed can blossom as an emblem of god’s terrestrial presence, and feed the soul as well as the cellular needs of our body. White Wizard connects all forms of growth, and all stages, to ceremony and honoring of divine forces. It makes the hard shell of the seed buried deep in soil crack as an awakening to god, a revealing of our soft vulnerability and movement upwards toward light. White Wizard makes the flowering of Yellow Seed an otherworldly magic show, and Yellow Seed in turn offers its bloom for the White Wizard’s shamanic healing remedies.

White Wizard is analogous, supported by Red Serpent. Red Serpent is an emblem of medicine, of a toxic hit that is the antidote to greater destruction – is in truth an affirmation of keenest life force. A serpent saves itself, and a wizard saves others. The relationship between them can develop empathy in the Red Serpent to use their potency not only for self-preservation but to help and heal many, and in the White Wizard to not endlessly sacrifice their own health and vitality in service to those weakened by trial and trauma. There is vulnerability, truly, in White Wizard’s repeated exposure to dark forces, as well as in their wide open attunement to light. Red Serpent helps thicken the skin, slither past entrapment, and come closer to earth to be supported by its solidity.

White Wizard has a mystical, occult relationship to Blue Hand. The White Wizard enchantment is heightened by the healing hand, the hand that reaches to ascertain the malady, the hand that has touched and reassured so many it’s an instant balm in itself. Blue Hand, in turn, is made mystical by White Wizard’s receptivity to spirit, cannot only track cellular change but also the vibrations of an unseen realm. What White Wizard receives, Blue Hand releases. Blue Hand people can feel in this time and from this tribe their innate knowing move from the pragmatic and experiential to metaphysical understanding and compassion.

If you are guided by White Wizard, you are drawn to shamanism culled from one ancestral tradition, or to all of the streams of indigenous mysticism, each in turn and layered for greater potency. You are lost, a little or a lot, in our culture that demands deadlines of accomplishment, that wants proof and future projections, because you are guided by timelessness – all time and present time. You always gravitate to solutions that come from the sky, from spirit, but in playful light and the intention to create ease from pain. You follow enchantment, and the wonderland it leads you to.

White Wizard people:

His Holiness the Dalai Lama – White Magnetic Wizard

Krishnamurti – White Lunar Wizard

Mick Jagger – White Electric Wizard

Bob Marley – White Self-Existing Wizard

Jackson Browne – White Overtone Wizard

Adam Sandler – White Rhythmic Wizard

Robin Williams – White Resonant Wizard

Steven Spielberg – White Galactic Wizard

Marilyn Monroe – White Solar Wizard

John Lennon – White Planetary Wizard

Jack London – White Spectral Wizard

Frida Kahlo – White Crystal Wizard

Carl Jung – White Cosmic Wizard